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  1. jeffh106

    How to spawn trucks

    i have the toolkit but i dont know how to work it. i had sanmarcos terrain listed . do i have to recreate the terrain. i wanted to add a garage to some of the tracks i downloaded from sim monsters . how do i set it up . i have several terrains in the ror folder.
  2. jeffh106

    Any chance we will get a Beam.NG Monster jam mod?

    hi where can I download the terrain editor . I installed toolkit yesterday .
  3. hi t

    how do you add a truck garage to a track that dosent have one

  4. jeffh106

    East Rutherford 2013

    i dont have the garage i would like one
  5. jeffh106

    wheelie trucks

    ok that would be good .
  6. jeffh106

    V4 Truckfile tweaking/update

    I messed up devastator . the wheels say 3x3 another truck the wheels say 2x2 how do I fix this
  7. jeffh106

    wheelie trucks

    how many wheelie trucks are in the v4 pack half pint digger 3 without the flag and digger 3 with flag are there any others and how do you make them into wheelie trucks
  8. jeffh106

    V4 Truckfile tweaking/update

    thanks guys I wll try it . I tried it before maybe I was doing something wrong . I use either word pad or notepade in documents
  9. jeffh106

    V4 Truckfile tweaking/update

    gabe 2304 the problem I have is saving it to the game . I made some changes to devastator and it wont go into the game . what do I do to put it into the game
  10. jeffh106

    V4 Truckfile tweaking/update

    i have a question how do you save a changed truck file
  11. jeffh106

    differental into split

    i am having trouble turning y v4 pack into wheelie trucks . I don't know how to save the edited files that I have changed. I tried using another post . I did it under the mesh wheels section . then I hit saved . and then regan cache . and save and play . I use to have updated files but that was awhile back . I forgot how to update the files so they will be in the game please ehl- me thanks
  12. jeffh106

    Anaheim 2014 (Show 2)

    it worked but no garage .nice track to do several trucks on
  13. jeffh106

    July 4th St. Louis

    awsome track . glad you have the garage . how many tracks have the garage
  14. jeffh106

    Anaheim 2014 (Show 2)

    caint download it . fails every time i try to download it