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  1. LordFrosting

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    Matthew Tyrrell Shock Therapy LordFrosting #2849
  2. LordFrosting

    MAS signups [OPEN]

    then don't worry about it, leagues that run right now run 0.4.6
  3. LordFrosting

    MAS signups [OPEN]

    no leagues run/ will run 0.4.7
  4. LordFrosting

    MAS signups [OPEN]

    This should really go in help and support also:
  5. LordFrosting

    Show Your Projects Chapter 65

    1 Year ago I was fastest qualifier, and was already locked into the world finals.....I won..... This year is going to be very different, I've not made a single event due to other obligations, so I have to race my way in and fight people for 1 spot, and that's just to make it into the event. So, with the odds against me in my pursuit of winning the WRA WF Racing title once again, I gotta at least look good trying.... My ride for the WRA WF. In reality it's just a simple greyscale of the already hot paint by @Chris Hamilton but with the lettering keeping it's color I think this thing really pops, the WRA flag I made using the gorgeous WRA Season 4 logo by @iZonarYT Hopefully I can race in and compete for another WRA Title again!
  6. LordFrosting

    Show Your Projects Chapter 65

    B i g V r o o m credit to @SealedGecko for the lit tires, Just need to finish Prowler and Pouncer and make a Driver suit, then final touch-ups and she's ready to battle
  7. LordFrosting

    Krazy Train 2019

    Very Niceeeeeee
  8. LordFrosting

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    "Can he keep it on all 4 wheels? No." I have random old quotes associated with these trucks. Shoutout to those that know this quote
  9. LordFrosting

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Big Crush, this signifies truck 5 of 7(Maybe 8?) done, Just need the 2(maybe 3?) Non-predator kitties.
  10. LordFrosting

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    1: Cars will not affect ticket sales severely for Monster Jam, so they can do whatever they want. 2: They took cars out of Arenas for safety concerns because a piece of a car went into the rafters of a Mississippi show. The tires can rip loose pieces off of a car and send them flying. I personally have moved on from the "not crush cars is stupid ew Feld is ruining Monster Jam bring back crush cars" mindset, because it's a easte of energy and brainpower. If you have an issue with no cars, your most energy and brain-efficient option is to watch a different promoter, Monster Jam is a business, and they want to save money, and keep people safe so they come back and buy that ticket for next year, or next. You may not like it, but that's what's happening.
  11. LordFrosting

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Getting so so close now. Credit to @xyrose for the paints EDIT: I darken the paint on the left to closer match what it looked like in the desired year, so that's been changed since this picture.
  12. LordFrosting

    Season 2 Sign Ups *OPEN*

  13. LordFrosting

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    @iZonarYT @MrGravedigger24 I tell you hwat
  14. LordFrosting

    Season 2 Sign Ups *OPEN*

    Matthew Tyrrell LordFrosting#2849 Predator *I'll post a link once I finish it, It'll be done way before the first event, just finishing a few paints*
  15. LordFrosting

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Choo Choo Inching ever so closer to having this pack complete, all that is left is to touch up these two and get paints for the other three, and this will be so so close to being complete, easily the most involved thing I've ever done