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  1. Good looking out for the Community
  2. LordFrosting

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    If you're gonna make a better predator: Make a new body Spec your Chassis Line up your Swaybars, they're floating Update props Good Concept, needs a lot of work
  3. LordFrosting

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Rivals turned friends turned Allies?
  4. LordFrosting

    Hey I'm new to Sim-monsters

  5. LordFrosting

    iRacing Screenies

    New Paint Scheme, getting better, still simple stuff but ya know.
  6. LordFrosting

    What tipe of chassis runs on Brutus 2018 breakable?

    Typically this means that the image used to texture the chassis is missing from the .zip. To check that go to .zip, wherever you put it in your ror folder, and go to the .truck file(just open with notepad) After this, scroll all the way to the section of the file that is titled "Props", and in the first few lines after that it will say something to the effect of "Brutuschassis.mesh" or something similar. Whatever it says, find the .material that has a similar name to the .mesh, and open it with notepad. Double check to make sure all the .png's that the .material file says are in your .zip. If there is a .png that is missing, try to find it in another .zip in your ror folder. Do this until you know that all of the .png's that the .material calls for are in your .zip, and spawn the truck in ror to see if that fixed the problem. Hopefully this helps, or gives you an idea of what to do
  7. LordFrosting

    Fuel Injection 4

    As Many as I please.
  8. LordFrosting

    Got a Question about SMRA? Ask Here!

    There is not a list of open trucks, people upload custom trucks and say whether or not it is an open custom, you will just have to look. You can also create an identity of your own. Also sign ups have not begun yet, so sit tight, Kozak is working out some of the details of this season which have to be done before the season can start.
  9. LordFrosting

    Fuel Injection 4

    Version 1.0.0


    So I can't ever be happy with a project. So, I decided to change this truck up. Decided to go with a lower center-of-gravity Cory Rummel chassis and a slick Chevy S10 body. This will be my ride for SMRA and any other custom league I decide to run in. I have put more time into this version of Fuel Injection than any previous one that I've created. Hope you guys enjoy! Credits: Me- Paint, minor prop placement, shock setup, Minor Blender work @[Deep Frustration] - Major Blender work, Sponsor Plates, Major Prop placement @CMDeerfoot- Creative help @iZonarYT- Creative help, Preview image, beta testing Various creators- props, N/B If your name is not in the credits and you should be, shoot me a DM and I will fix the issue. This Truck is NOT an Open Custom, You must message me for use in any SM league. This truck was made for 0.4 and above, do not ask for a 0.3 version, as I will not be making one.
  10. LordFrosting

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Well, after some time away, and the show in Ionia, us four decided to also go to Gaithersberg, MD for another show. Racing wasn't really kept track of and was only two races, Freestyle went really well. Excited to see all these trucks battle in SMRA. ] Fuel Injection handling great on it's new home
  11. LordFrosting

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Well, this turned into a project that I've put more time and effort into than anything I've tried to do... Fuel Injection 4 is ready to rock and roll. Big thanks to @[Deep Frustration] , @CMDeerfoot, and @iZonarYT for some huge creative help. Blake helped a ton with the chassis and sponsor plate. I did a lot of texturing and material file work that I've never done before, so I definitely think this thing will stay around a while.
  12. LordFrosting


    Incredible truck, great handling, great looks. Great job Jon
  13. LordFrosting

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Aaaand I changed my mind. One day I'll be satisfied.... This truck will probably be on every chassis/body imaginable before I'm happy
  14. LordFrosting

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    New Fuel Injection???? Random Truck paint????? The world may never know