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  1. SDTV33

    Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Sign - ups

    Name: James Batts Discord: Cinnazura#8113 80's Truck: Duraliner Giant 90's/00's Truck: Invader
  2. SDTV33

    Bounty hunter 2005 pack

    gr8 b8 m8
  3. SDTV33

    Event #11 Sign ups for Vancouver 2014

    Signing up... ...for the spreadsheet rofl. /s
  4. SDTV33

    Event #10 Houston 2014 show 2

  5. SDTV33

    Event #10 Houston 2014 show 2

  6. SDTV33

    Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    I only ever gave out those paints to those who were making the trucks or had asked me to make them (people like @Jackattack29). It somehow got leaked without my knowing of it and everyone got upset because of it. I can assure you, though, that I only ever gave those paints to people like Jack who had asked me to do it for him so he could make the trucks.
  7. SDTV33

    Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    And just to clarify for everyone here, I was the one who did the paints for Big Kahuna and the Cult Psycho. The way his screenshots are, the paint appear brighter, but I can assure you the actual paint does not appear like that, and is in fact the correct shade and identical to the real truck. I also am the legitimate person who did the two paints for Monster Energy 2017. I would like to personally apologize for some of the issues going on with the paints (Example: People getting their hands on the paint, doing videos of the paint and claiming ownership of it, etc), and would like to again clarify that I was the one who has original ownership of the paints. (And for legitimate proof, I actually streamed the making of the paints on my own YouTube channel {The link to the video of me legitimately making the Monster Energy paint is below})
  8. SDTV33

    Event #9 Toronto 2013

    eheyyyyyy Berberian is bake
  9. SDTV33

    Event #8 Anaheim 2017 FS1 west

    Berberian yo
  10. SDTV33

    Event #7 Atlanta 2016 sign ups

    Debut in Berberian rofl. Needed to get out of MadMahon.
  11. SDTV33

    Event #6 Arnhem 2013

  12. SDTV33

    Event #5 Pontiac

    I will be here rofl
  13. SDTV33

    Event #3 Sign up and new date

    U know.
  14. SDTV33

    Event #2 East Rutherford 2015 sign ups

  15. SDTV33

    Event #1 St Louis 1999

    ZONA Madusa WF16 (You know the Discord)