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  1. Nice credit on the NOT BKT textures...
  2. Did you get permission for the use of this skin?
  3. Lets see: Cory's truck is a CRC Kevin's truck is a Koehler chassis, built by Jim Brutus is a Racesource Not all 3 combined. The more you know.
  4. You'll probably have to be patient and wait for the announcement like the rest of us. 🙂
  5. I have made a few of the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks for BeamNG, wrong game but still a few more. I also have Stars and Stripes in the works. Contact me on discord if you're interested in including them for the HWMT pack. MikeBev#8828 (Ignore Batista and Roddy lol) (Ignore the Grip Alls too, never changed them for picture)
  6. Raminator and Rammunition both use Hall Bros chassis's; and Wild Side is a Concussion chassis, the old High Maintenance chassis to be exact.
  7. It's not possible unless you model the tracks yourself in blender, as they are made with BeamNG's Terrain Editor. Most of the 3D modeled tracks are from here with proper permissions from the author to use. You'd just do more work for yourself converting something already here.
  8. Blue Thunder isn't a chassis 🤔
  9. To add on to the visible mistakes, it is also on the wrong chassis. Tom used the stunt truck, not his old chassis.
  10. This show just happened yesterday and is already being requested.... give it some time like damn...
  11. This is a J&B Chassis, you know not everything is a CRD, right?
  12. Black Pearl is a Cohen, not CRD.
  13. Dual chassis and headers? Never seen that one before.
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