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  1. Gravedigger 25 & 31 WF17

    on morgan's digger*
  2. Gravedigger 25 & 31 WF17

    the front driveshaft and rims are appearing as white, not sure why
  3. Maximum Destruction Kane 2015 WF 16

    this is probably my favorite truck on RoR right now. you did an amazing job! now all I need is a red maxd to recreate WF16
  4. Foxboro 2014

  5. Edy Beltran V4 Updates

    I tried out this pack today and only two trucks worked, the rest said it needed SUDpeitower.mesh. any ideas where I can get that
  6. El Diablo 2014

    do you just drop the tire pack in the zip file or leave it in the packs folder. sorry, im new to this