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  1. why am i still here lmao

  2. why are people still replying to this lmao, the league is dead. move on.
  3. i want a lock on this thread before it escalates even further.
  4. let's be real here, the refs will win. book it.
  5. hi there rocco yes, the thread will definitely be deleted but i would appreciate it if a mod replied before it's deleted so i at least know who i can talk to
  6. just wondering i'm also willing to DM a mod about this situation, just unsure which one
  7. did anyone actually get to save the entire drive? looks like edy deleted it
  8. i don't really post on SYP a lot (probably because i have nothing to share), but all of the latest trucks that i'm seeing be made is legit amazing that is literally beautiful. one thing i would experiment on is switching the white and red on the rims
  9. i was gonna head to firstontario centre in hamilton, it's just that the weather in southern ontario rn is crazy i will admit tho, it would've been nice to see pablo huffaker
  10. stuff that someone make will get stolen no matter what. it's just inevitable
  11. hopefully every show that was aired before
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