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  1. Cloning and submitting a truck AGAIN

    when you see the same person bumping old threads
  2. PEI Chassis Truck Pack

    sweet pack, blaise!
  3. xunlex Grave Digger the legend monster truck sounds

    next time, just message the guy instead of bumping old threads. thank ye!
  4. Zombie Hunter

    i don't know, i just thought it would be nice to have the truck updated. sorry
  5. Zombie Hunter

    thank ye
  6. Zombie Hunter

    which one is that? the one i requested was the truck in 2016, with the lazers and turrets and stuff like that.
  7. Zombie Hunter

    i know not all requests can't be fulfilled, but eh, might as well Name: Zombie Hunter Body: Custom Body Chassis: not sure Paint (images of color/graphics):
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    i can't really say anything because i don't create content, but why would you not try to fix the chassis and all the other stuff that's wrong? second off, why did you post this? and about someone teaching you how to texture the body, there's a tutorial on the site on how to texture bodies, i believe. inb4 flame war occurs on syp (lets see if it actually happens this time. last time i said it, it never happened)
  9. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    this is my third/fourth year i will not be paying attention to monster jam, tho i sometimes look at the results on their website. here are my predictions for the maple leaf arena tour lineup (in eastern canada, at least): Grave Digger driven by Morgan Kane Maximum Destruction driven by Colton Eichelberger Northern Nightmare driven by Cam McQueen Monster Mutt Dalmatian driven by Cynthia Gauthier Zombie driven by Sean Duhon Scooby Doo driven by Bailey Shea Aftershock driven by Bob Robbins Krazy Train driven by Lloyd Twitchell these lineups are similar to the lineup's that i've seen at my hometown arena the past two years.
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    i don't know the right word for it, but the paint looks really "flat". if you "smoothed" it out, it would look a lot more neat. i'm sorry if my comment doesn't really help with what i think is wrong with the paint. someone else can probably describe it better.
  11. Gary Porter Retires

    wait he actually retired? i can't actually say anything about him because i didn't see him drive at all the fact couple of years (i did see him live at my hometown arena in 2010 tho and he was great)
  12. Gary Porter Retires

    so wait, you made this thread because he retired for a WEEK?
  13. Gary Porter Retires

    for some reason i think this is fake.
  14. Grinds your gears thread

    this era of monster jam (2015-present/bkt era) i guess
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    it's probably just the picture, but the racing jumps look a bit small in width (if that makes sense) apart from that, it's pretty neat.