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  1. SomethinEvilTruck

    V4 Truck Ingame Problems

    Truck:El Toro Loco, Bulldozer, Crushstation, and a couple others Error:The Reflections on these trucks show up as blue and yellow blobs and i'm not sure how to correct it, i will get a picture up asap if no one understands what i mean.
  2. SomethinEvilTruck

    Post your Driver and Truck History

    unfortunately the only truck i had ever driven was Tailgator on MTM2 i think i might have come in 3rd in freestyle first time out lol then i got a night job shortly after that show and haven't been able to get into running any competitions on here on ROR though i follow the seasons as close as i can so i actually have a clue whats happening on the site lol
  3. SomethinEvilTruck

    Show Your Projects Chapter 13!

    Outlawed...that airdog is JAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW dropping, sorry i had to pick my up again lol
  4. SomethinEvilTruck

    Show Your Projects Chapter 11!

    to everyone, all the work you guys do is really unbelieveable here is finally a little something that i have been working on, no building just a lot of reskinning:) as well as an incredible backflip shot:) \m/ and finally a nice wheelie shot
  5. SomethinEvilTruck

    Rupp Arena 2012

    i am downloading it right now because we need more arenas like this cuz in my opinion weather its dirt or concrete these might not be as big of roots as the silverdome but just as deep of roots!! we need more!!!!! great work!!!!
  6. SomethinEvilTruck


    p.s. more to come i got another pic that i am also gonna be editing:) Practicing my editing skills to take a wack at blender lol
  7. SomethinEvilTruck


    check this out!!! just messin around with a little photo editing:)
  8. SomethinEvilTruck

    Fayette (Blender)

    Man let me tell ya something, the racing course is unbeliveable and extremely challenging!!!! as well as the rest of the track too!! Great job ARF!!!!
  9. SomethinEvilTruck

    Show Your Projects: Chapter 8

    hey guys just finished my first mod for ROR check it out:) its a sound mod more for if you run an in roosterpit view all the time but i'm proud of how its turning out, it is still in early stages though so please bear with me:) http://youtu.be/anESqIm9uTQ
  10. SomethinEvilTruck

    Another Death in the Monster Truck World

    This is just so sad, what really is going on here, R.I.P. Justin, you will be missed brother
  11. SomethinEvilTruck

    Suggestions Thread

    i strongly agree with trucks reacting more suitable truck to truck but not nessecarily like grave digger acting like grave digger more in the aspect of the whole truck like for instance; longer wheelbase will react different from a shorter wheel base, a coil over setup reacts different from a nitrogen charged setup. More along the lines of that is my opinion:D And there is my two cents:-P
  12. SomethinEvilTruck

    Xbox Live Usernames

  13. SomethinEvilTruck

    Show Your Projects: Chapter 5

    whooooaa duuuuude!!! very nice work:)