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  1. I just think encores like this are pointless, It makes the sport look bad IMO.
  2. for videos use a instagram search for #monsterjam, your welcome.
  3. It looks like a #moremonsterjam track but much bigger scale... I like
  4. S.U.D vs Mulisha for the finals!!! come on Ryan!!!!!
  5. N.E.A vs Monster Energy for the final round
  6. No I can't stand NASCAR, and it would make sense to have even closer racing at Vegas. I would rather see all drivers driving with the same tires than having different tires on different trucks. I didn't say anything about having the same HP or anything like that so if all tucks are running BKT's how would that equal us getting NASCAR?
  7. IMO everyone should run the same thing so it evens things out, makes for better racing so no one gets an advantage.
  8. Is there anyone here that is going to the event? If so what are the chances of someone there being able to stream the video from their phone so those not going can enjoy it?
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