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  1. About a month ago i became a fan of the WWE. I was a huge shield fan until Set Rollins came along and just beat the heck out Roman reigns and Dean ambrose with a steel chair. But today im fan of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Anyways, Who's your favorite wrestler? And yes i know about the old days of wrestling like the 1990's. Can't wait to hear yours!
  2. Hi guys i dont know if anybody remembers me but i haven't been on in like uhhhhhhhh 7 or 8 months so ya im back
  3. At first i couldn't believe what i was reading... i was just heartbroken by this. He was my favorite driver of all time. The truck he drove "Blue Thunder" is my all time favorite truck. Its sad to see this. Rest In Peace Tony.
  4. I have took some time of lets say 3 months? anyways its great to be back at ror and sim monsters!
  5. Well, i should of known that before i said anything.
  6. Really? I mean The colts are not the best but still making fun of Indiana? That offends me.
  7. This guy was amazing. Its so sad to see Steve go...Rest in peace buddy
  8. I live closets to Indianapolis Motor Speedway
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