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About Me

Monsta Jam be a live motorsport event trip n' television show operated by Feld Entertainment.[1] Da series is sanctioned under tha umbrella of tha United Hoodz Hot Rod Association (USHRA) n' takes place primarily up in tha United Hoodz fo' realz. Although individual event formats can vary pimped outly based on tha "intermission" entertainment, tha main attraction be always tha racin n' freestyle competitions by monsta trucks.

Live events[edit]

McGruff tha crime dog, one of tha nuff Monsta Trucks dat done been round since tha 1970s

Monsta Jam shows is held all up in tha whole year wit mo' shows durin tha winta than tha summer, n' travel round tha ghetto up in U.S. n' Canada. Right back up in yo muthalovein ass. Shows is also bein held up in other locations round tha ghetto, like lovein Europe, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Da Philippines, n' recently Saudi Arabia


Fans attendin a Monsta Jam event is given tha opportunitizzle ta hook up tha muthaloveas durin tha "Pit Party" n' autograph sessions. Da drivers autograph memorabilia, threadz, flags n' other loot at these events.

Monsta Jam Ghetto Finals[edit]

Held up in Las Vegas, Nevada Sam Boyd Stadium, it is tha culmination of tha Monsta Jam season wit only tha top competitors competing. Well shiiiit, it is often referred ta as tha "superbowl of monsta trucks" n' features drivers competin fo' tha Racin n' Freestyle Championship.

In 2012, Monsta Jam started a freshly smoked up competizzle called tha "Young Guns Shootout" on Double Down night. Da followin year dat shiznit was announced dat tha balla of dis event would git a automatic bid ta tha "main show"

Shows n' Competition[edit]

At Monsta Jam shows, monsta trucks grill off up in two different formz of competizzle - Racin n' Freestyle. In tha smalla shows they gotz a wheelie competizzle n' / or a thugged-out donut contest. Da goal up in tha wheelie competizzle is ta hit a ramp n' git big-ass air while remainin perpendicular ta tha ground.

In tha donut competizzle a thugged-out driver tries ta spin they truck until he/she gets dizzy, tha truck can't go any more, or they be thinkin they gotz a high enough score ta win. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Right back up in yo muthalovein ass. Side-by-side racin is traditionizzle heads-up tournament racing, where tha straight-up original gangsta truck ta cross tha finish line moves onto tha next round until it is eliminated or wins tha racin trophy by ballin tha Championshizzle race.

Da freestyle competizzle allows drivers two minutes on a open floor ta show off they game as they drive tha trucks over cars, n' bustin stunts n' tricks wit they trucks. Da freestyle balla is determined by 6 judges each givin a score outta 10. Da high n' tha low scores is dropped dat tha hustlas gave. Da max score is 40. There is two ballas from both events, however if tha same thug dat won racin dat night also won freestyle dat night then they git tha freshest trophy, next ta tha ghetto finals trophy, tha Double Down trophy, named afta tha Double Down activitizzles up in Las Vegas all up in tha Monsta Jam Ghetto Finals.

  • 160px-2014_monster_jam_2014-01-19_06-21.

    Monsta Jam New Track (2014�"Present)

  • 180px-Gravedigger_jumping.jpg

    Monsta Jam Track Before 2014 (1992-2013)

Da Tour[edit]

Da trip begins up in tha sprang each year n' endz up in March wit tha Ghetto finals up in Las Vegas every last muthalovein year. Shiiit, dis aint no joke. Da trip visits nuff major cites up in tha U.S., Canada, Europe n' Asia.

In 2015 a arena trip called "#Mo'MonsterJam debuted n' featured ATV races, Speedsta races n' obstacle races, monsta truck wheelie n' donut contests, monsta truck obstacle course racin n' freestyle. This trip featured 8 drivers rollin 3 different vehiclez up in a points series. Put ya muthalovein choppers up if ya feel dis! Da top 2 finishers gots a invite ta tha Monsta Jam Ghetto Finals 16.

In 2015, Monsta Jam started its first dogg pound trip called tha Fox Game 1 Championshizzle Series. Put ya muthalovein choppers up if ya feel dis! This trip followed 16 drivers each weekend on Fox Game 1 competin fo' points up in qualifying, racing, obstacle course racin n' freestyle. Da top 4 up in tha series gots invites ta tha Monsta Jam Ghetto Finals 16.

In 2016, Monsta Jam will feature a Eastside n' Westside Coast #Mo'MonsterJam series wit only tha balla of each trip gettin a invite ta Monsta Jam Ghetto Finals 17.

In 2017, Monsta Jam gonna git three arena tours called Monsta Jam Triple Threat Series fo' realz. An East, West, n' Central where 8 drivers on each trip will battle it up fo' one spot up in Monsta Jam Ghetto Finals 18. Monsta Jam will also have two FS1 Championshizzle Tour called Monsta Jam FS1 Championshizzle Series fo' realz. An Eastside n' Westside where 14 drivers will battle it up each weekend fo' one spot up in Monsta Jam Ghetto Finals 18.


Mattelz Hot Wheels brand produces officially licensed toy versionz of monsta trucks under tha Monsta Jam name. They also sponsored a monsta truck, which competed up in tha series up in previous years. But love dat shiznit yo, tha word on tha street is dat up in 2008, tha Hot Wheels truck was not on tha circuit, replaced up in tha line up by Donkey Kong. In late 2011, Monsta Jam announced a freshly smoked up Hot Wheels truck. Da current driver of it is Scott Buetow, n' all up in tha 2012 Ghetto Finals, Neil Elliot drove it up in his Maximum Destruction chassis. Five officially licensed Monsta Jam video games done been produced. Y'all KNOW dat poo, muthalovea! Da first two, Monsta Jam: Maximum Destruction, a vehicular combat game, n' Monsta 4x4: Mastaz of Metal, a arcade racing game, was published by Ubisoft. Da third, titled simply Monsta Jam, was busted out by Activision on November 13, 2007, n' a sequel ta it called Monsta Jam: Urban Assault was busted out on October 28, 2008 fo' realz. A fifth game, Monsta Jam: Path of Destruction, was busted out on November 9, 2010. On June 17, 2015 Monsta Jam Battlegroundz was busted out as a thugged-out downlizzle from Xbox Live n' Steam. On October 26, 2016, Monsta Jam: Crush It son! was busted out on Xbox one n' PlayStation 4.

  • 85px-MonsterJam2007Game.jpg

    Monsta Jam 2007 Video Game

Media coverage[edit]

Fox Game 1 n' Fox Game 2 have aired some coverage since early 2014. Prior ta that, Monsta Jam aired on TNN n' SPEED. "Season up in review" packages occasionally air on CBS as part of tha CBS Game Spectacular. Clips from events is periodically posted on Monsta Jamz straight-up legit YallTube n' Facebizzle pages.

It also airs on One up in Australia.

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