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  1. Oof. I always thought they had permission to use it once I found it on YouTube. Really unfortunate to see it go like that.
  2. RIP Megalodon's Original Theme January 7, 2017 - July 12, 2019 The truck, for unknown reasons, now has a new theme as of the first event of the weekend in Los Angeles. The theme itself has yet to be identified as of the time of this post, but whether or not this is a permanent change is also unknown.
  3. Okay so I'm home from MetLife which means it's time for my super duper highly anticipated biannual event review that nobody cares about but i like to do cuz it's tradition with every time i go Pit Party - I actually arrived a little bit early this year; by the time I got close to the gate for security there was about 5 minutes to spare before the gates to the Pit Party opened. In terms of the Pit Party itself, I was impressed with how many drivers I met this year; met all except for Tyler, Ryan, Meents, and the Cretens (Dawn's line was surprisingly long, as was Nick's). Some I got to within minutes of getting on line (namely Matt Cody, Mike Thompson, and surprisingly Ryan Disharoon), while others I found myself waiting quite a lil while, especially Cynthia. I asked Camden how long it took to repair his truck following his WF crash, and, to my surprise, it didn't take long at all (Among the parts on the front end tonight included the same axle that was involved in the crash. Wow). Overall, good Pit Party. One of these years I'll meet 'em all, but dat didn't happen this year Racing - Lots of interesting races this year, especially in Rounds 1 and 2. Meents nearly blew an engine in Round 1, and there were quite a few spinouts in that round, as well. And as if last year's final round wasn't surprising or interesting enough, this year's tops it by a longshot; Tyler vs. Hartsock. Hartsock took out both Matts and Anderson, who got a penalty in the Semis, to make it this far. He would come very close, but DIGGER DIGGER DIGGER would take the win. Two Wheel Skills - Good to see this at MetLife again after its absence last year. Mike Thompson broke a wheel off of Taurus, and Jimmy had a nice save-to-crash combo. Dawn stuck her truck on its rear wheels for a few moments and brought it back down, which landed her 5th place in the end. Biggest highlight was Ryan's sidewall save similar to St. Louis Show 2, which got him the win. Menninga almost pulled off the same thing but wrecked, and Meents was unfortunately out as his engine was getting replaced at the time. Here's to hoping it's gonna happen again next year. Intermission - Something interesting actually happened this time. The crowd got a wave going, and Mitchell Rains (one of the announcers) noticed; he then took it up a notch by telling the crowd to make it slow-mo, really fast, and to switch directions at various points. Easily one of the best waves ever done at a MJ event. I myself got dippin dots again, and......yep Freestyle - Now this got real good almost right off the bat. Cynthia would rock the house early on with some of the best momentum of the night, and throwing a backflip right in front of me (my seat was right next to the backflip ramp, almost front row). Coty, Disharoon, Camden, and Anderson would also go all out, and truck issues unfortunately plagued Matt Pag, Jimmy, and Meents' runs. One beef that I had was that Matt Cody went out waaaaay too late (7th or 8th, i dont remember), whereas Cynthia and Coty went out too early. Besides that, good Freestyle. Coty should've won, but the win went to blues clues as fans scored Cynthia so high that it'd be very difficult to top it. Final Rating - 8.358 - A reference to the scoring system. But in all seriousness, this was a great show. Not as good as 2017, but certainly better than last year. Also I may be going to the All-Star Challenge in October sooo.......yep
  4. Somethin' wild is coming for Wild Flower.......and a familiar, just as wild person is helpin' out....
  5. Tarps on incase someone were to Blackwell a turn or somethin.
  6. Let me think... 2004: The Tandem Encores (Not just Digger; Maximum Destruction and Blue Thunder were also involved) 2008: Backwards Bob, Spitfire, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2011: All of them 2013: Max-D 10th Anniversary Encore (Guilty Pleasure) 2015: Zombie Invasion 2017: 25th Anniversary Encore (Guilty Pleasure) 2019: Fire and Ice Encore
  7. The stands are being evacuated due to inclement weather. Neil was supposed to go next but his run is delayed.
  8. SHOWDOWN RESULTS: ROUND 1: Soldier Fortune Black Ops defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian Kraken bye run; Grave Digger unable to start due to mechanical problems Scooby-Doo defeated El Toro Loco (YES) Max-D defeated Alien Invasion SEMI-FINALS: Kraken defeated Soldier Fortune Black Ops (BIG UPSET) Scooby-Doo defeated Max-D (YES YES YES YES YES) Kraken unable to come back due to mechanical problems FINAL ROUND: SCOOBY-DOO DEFEATED SOLDIER FORTUNE BLACK OPS (YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!) YOUR SHOWDOWN CHAMPION IS LINSEY READ IN SCOOBY-DOO! Tom Meents wins Two Wheel Skills! JIMMY CRETEN HAS FINALLY WON THE WORLD RACING CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!
  9. AWARDS RESULTS: Rookie of the Year - Nick Pagliarulo - Kraken AND Heavy D - Brodozer Rising Star of the Year - Camden Murphy - Bakugan Dragonoid Arena Two Wheel Skill of the Year - Tristan England - Earth Shaker - Baltimore Stadium Two Wheel Skill of the Year - Ryan Anderson - Son-Uva Digger - St. Louis Technician of the Year - Josh Dyke - Max-D Fire AND Cory Rummell - Team Scream + Megalodon Fire Arena Donut of the Year - Kayla Blood - Soldier Fortune - Charleston Stadium Donut of the Year - Diesel Dave - Brodozer - Anaheim Extreme Air - Cory Rummell - RAGE - Minneapolis Outreach Award - Tanner Root - Monster Mutt Crash Madness - Charlie Pauken - Grave Digger - Minneapolis WOW Factor of the Year - John Gordon - Bad Company - St. Louis Arena Freestyle of the Year - Tony Ochs - Soldier Fortune Black Ops - Jacksonville Stadium Freestyle of the Year - Ryan Anderson - Son-Uva Digger - St. Louis Many of these were well deserved, but some i just have to ask.....how?
  10. Monster Jam has officially made the announcement on who will attempt to clear 7 trucks, and let's just say......you may or may not be surprised.
  11. I've been hearing rumors that Koehler's gonna use Brad's truck, and Rosalee's gonna use Kelvin's truck. Everyone else, i dunno. Apparently each competitor will have two chances to make the highest leap, most likely off the center jump. If they break early, well then I guess it'll be no second jump for them. MJ has also confirmed that more events will be announced next week, including one in a brand new destination. citi field pls k thx bye
  12. High Jump Competitors have been announced: El Toro Loco Ice - Scott Buetow Wild Flower - Rosalee Ramer Monster Energy - Todd LeDuc Megalodon Fire - Cory Rummell Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice - Cynthia Gauthier Max-D Fire - Tom Meents Avenger - Jim Koehler Bakugan Dragonoid - Camden Murphy Surprised that Pauken, Weenk, and Matt Pag didn't make it, but oh well. Also, fun fact: this'll be the only competition that won't have a single Digger in it. Another fun fact; the winner of the Extreme Air Award might not be any of these 8. cough cough Linsey in San Antonio cough cough
  13. Two big announcements today. 1. Neil Elliott (thank goodness), Jimmy Creten (thank goodness), Bryce Kenny (no surprise), and Heavy D (knew it already), have qualified for the Main Field. 2. Someone, they haven't confirmed who yet, will attempt to clear 7 trucks at the end of World Finals Freestyle.... .....why do I have a feeling that it'll be more than just one driver attempting it?
  14. Okay so ima post my predictions for the last 12: Max-D - Neil Elliott - Stadium Tour 2 Champion (I'm afraid he won't get in if he doesn't win his tour, hence why I listed him as a Series Champion) Max-D Fire - Tom Meents - Stadium Tour 1 Champion (It's pretty obvious he's gonna get in, but it'd be really refreshing to see him win his tour) Grave Digger - Randy Brown - Arena Tour Champion (Was really hoping Zane or Linsey would get it, but oh well) Grave Digger - Adam Anderson (Reigning World Racing Champ. Pretty sure that right there seals his spot) Son-Uva Digger - Ryan Anderson (Same with Adam) Monster Mutt - Charlie Pauken (Goin' back to the good ol' days with him in the mutt) Bakugan Dragonoid - Camden Murphy (The sponsorship seals his spot but either way this was an incredible season for him) Black Pearl - Cole Venard (Come on man, he deserves it) Brodozer - Heavy D (I think he confirmed himself that he'd be in, so yeah) Bounty Hunter - Jim Creten (With how much he's bashed and thrashed the thing this year, I'd be surprised if he doesn't make it) Great Clips Mohawk Warrior - Bryce Kenny (Somewhat of a bumpy season, but I think the sponsorship has his back) Soldier Fortune - Kayla Blood (She's been in the Showdown 3 times before, isn't in it this year, and this was her best season yet. She deserves it) There were some drivers that I was debating over, but ultimately I went with these 12.
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