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  1. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Detroit just witnessed quite possibly the most ridiculous racing bracket of the year........and Bryan Wright came out on top. Words can't describe how impressed and astonished I am over this
  2. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have our very first World Finals XX qualifier. Apparently Tristan had so good of a night last night in Baltimore that neither Armando or Blake will be able to gain enough points this afternoon to make up the ground, no matter how poorly Tristan does or how good they do. Big congratulations to Tristan on this honor.
  3. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

  4. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Cole Venard just won Freestyle for the third week in a row in Houston.... ......CAN ANYBODY STOP THIS MAD MAN!?!?!
  5. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Macey Nichter will be filling in for Ami Houde this weekend in Charleston.
  6. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Okay so I just got back from Newark, which means it's time for my good ol' fashioned long awaited highly anticipated annual review: btw i got front row seats this year....I felt like a VIP person after first arriving at my seat. Racing: Nothing really special here, most matches were expected victories and the finals went down to Brandon and Coty, with the winner being Coty. ATVs: Pretty much the same as Racing.....until something terrifying happened. In the Black Flag race, all was going well at first, until someone's ATV clipped the rear left wheel of Ami's ATV, sending both her and her ATV tumbling. The ATV rolled on and over her, then she crawled to the side of the track. The race was immediately halted, and officials and other drivers rushed over to her. After a few minutes, a stretcher was brought out, and Ami was strolled off the track. Ultimately the winner was Mark, but this was sadly the end of the night for Ami. Two Wheel Skills Challenge: This was actually pretty interesting. Cory pulled off the rare incident of his truck being stuck on the rear end, which surprisingly scored him well. Mark did his typical "snort the bull while doing a popper" move, and almost won with it. The winner would be Brandon who did three poppers, one in which putting his truck on one wheel for a brief moment, then bringing it back down. INTERMISSION CAUSE WHY NOT: Got me some dippin' dots, and....yep. They were good tho Donuts: Eh....nothing too special outta here, either. Mark and Brandon looked like they were about to straight up slam their trucks onto their lids for a moment, but other than that, it was alright. Brandon made it two straight wins here. Speedsters: A few upsets here, such as Coty losing to Matt, whose luck bit him in his next match as he rolled in the second turn. Brandon made it yet another win after taking out Justin in the finals. Freestyle: Kinda interesting as well. Brandon had two nice saves, but was severely underscored. Kayla got some good air and a save as well. Matt wrapped up the night with a meh run. Kayla took the win in the end, and Brandon took the Overall Win. Overall: 7.5/10 - Many interesting moments throughout the night; pretty good show overall, just about as good as it was last year, and certainly a LOT better than MetLife last year, as well. Speaking of MetLife, the long wait and hope for a better show than last year begins..... Also, at the end when all of the drivers were walking around the track, I was doing the bull horns as Mark was passing by. He spotted me doing it and did 'em right back at me. Pretty cool moment. #PrayforAmi
  7. TheRetroStyle

    Super Bowl LIII

    Welp, Super Bowl LIII is right around the corner and now we know who's heading to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in just under two weeks. So who ya bettin Poll closes at kickoff
  8. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    UPSET COUNT: Dawn Creten defeating Ryan Anderson in Racing in San Diego Todd LeDuc doing the famous "LeDuc Leap" in Glendale and, despite it, not winning Freestyle Candice Jolly defeating Ryan Disharoon and Bryce Kenny in Racing in Orlando, making it to the final round as a result OVERALL EVENT CHAMPIONS: San Diego: Justin Sipes - Megalodon Orlando: Neil Elliott - Max-D Glendale: Jon Zimmer - Dragon Ice All of last night's Overall Event Champions now hold the Series Points Lead in their tours.....yes, even Justin.
  9. TheRetroStyle

    Scooby Doo 2019

    Both trucks run fine, but the paint on the breakable one looks somewhat misplaced, especially on the collar and the back of the ears. Overall this is decent but double check to make sure all of the paint textures are correctly placed next time.
  10. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Now THAT is Hotsy....
  11. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    This was honestly one of the craziest weekends for stadiums in a really long time. Counting up all the crazy stuff that happened.... UPSET COUNT: - Bryan Wright defeating Tom Meents in Racing in Anaheim - Camden Murphy defeating Ryan Anderson in Racing in Anaheim, winning racing as as a result - Ryan Disharoon defeating Bryce Kenny, Adam Anderson, and Neil Elliott in Racing in Tampa, winning racing as a result Total Number of Upsets: 5 (Ryan Disharoon defeating each driver counts as one upset each) OVERALL EVENT CHAMPIONS: Tampa: Heavy D - Brodozer San Antonio (Saturday) - Todd LeDuc - Monster Energy San Antonio (Sunday) - Charlie Pauken - Grave Digger Anaheim - Camden Murphy - Bakugan Dragonoid Did I mention that Camden almost TRIPLE DOWNED? Like, WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK IS THIS!?
  12. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Ryan Disharoon just won racing in tampa i kid you not
  13. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    The gender of Tristan England's child was announced this past weekend in Birmingham: https://www.monsterjam.com/en-US/news/mid-week-report-week-1
  14. TheRetroStyle

    Other Fire and Ice Ideas?

    With the Fire and Ice paint schemes debuting next weekend, it had me thinking; what other trucks would look interesting with Fire or Ice paint schemes? Well, I have quite a few. Feld Trucks Fire/Ice Monster Energy (I actually think Monster Energy would look real good either way) Fire Monster Mutt Fire Earth Shaker (I know this one doesn't really make sense but neither does Ice Dalmatian....sorta) Ice Grave Digger Ice Son-Uva Digger Indie Trucks Fire Brutus Fire Time Flys Fire Stinger Unleashed Ice Avenger Ice Wild Flower Ice Master of Disaster
  15. TheRetroStyle

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Lucas Oil Crusader will live to compete another year