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  1. I would suggest the Tacoma, it's never been done to my knowledge and I think it would make for an interesting design.
  2. Over the multitude of video games I've played in my lifetime, I couldn't tell you how many servers I regularly had fun playing on eventually succumbed to a toxic bloodbath. I understand that not everyone can run a private server, it takes a decent computer and the need to be available when anyone wants to play and all that, and the fact that it's a public server you understand that you really have no control over it. I would just stay clear of it all and try not to fan the flames. I don't really think anything can be done about it here that would impact you positively by posting this thread, but I would highly suggest finding a way to make a private server. If it's this much of an issue I would definitely try getting your group together and figuring out how to make a private server for all of you.
  3. xyrose

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    A real headscratcher. https://i.imgur.com/DVlCR33.gifv
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Created using the ROR Input Mapping Tool (https://forum.rigsofrods.org/downloads.php?do=file&id=156) Feel free to customize, add, or remove some of the controls to fit your playstyle! Pedals: - Left Pedal = Brake - Right Pedal = Accelerate Racing Wheel Essential: - Racing Wheel Itself = Front Wheel Steering - Left Trigger (on back of wheel) = Shift Down -Right Trigger (on back of wheel) = Shift Up Sequential Shift: - Hold up (-) = Left Rear Steer - Hold down (+) = Right Rear Steer Racing Wheel Cont: - Triangle = Reset Truck - Square = Toggle HUD On/Off - X = Change Camera - Circle = Toggle Truck Engine On/Off - Horn = Truck Ignition - L3 = Save Truck Position - R3 = Load Truck Position
  5. xyrose

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    no creds for my aqua blue paint? n1
  6. xyrose

    Atlanta 2014 Fun Run @ 7:00 PM EST 11/18/16

    Name: mat white Discord Name: mat white Truck: Avenger
  7. xyrose

    Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    http://i.imgur.com/99fLUPz.gifv Yes! I think the green on 13 should be more neon, but everything else is ?
  8. xyrose

    Favorite Monster Jam Quotes/Moments

    "Now, is anybody gonna be able to get over that big van over there-- As we see him try to launch over-- oh my-- IS THAT SOME GREAT AIR! WOW! GUNSLINGER WITH SOME SICK AIR!"
  9. xyrose

    Miami 2015 Friday Night Fun Run, 10/28/16 @ 6:30 PM EST

    mat white xyrose blacksmith 04-07
  10. xyrose

    Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    I believe @Mr. Self Destruct was chugging along on the ol' Avenger train but ran out of coal. Maybe you guys could team up?
  11. xyrose

    Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    See ↓ ?