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  1. xyrose

    .4 converted track pack #4

    Who cares? It's in a convenient pack now.
  2. xyrose

    Season 2 Sign Ups *OPEN*

    Mathew White xyrose (xyrose#2381) Blacksmith
  3. xyrose

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    I wanted to help @LordFrosting with paints, so here’s my hand drawn rendition! I’m gonna touch up the sides so they aren’t so blotchy, but other than that, this things ready to rumble.
  4. xyrose

    Super Bowl LIII

    The 4th quarter of the Chiefs v. Patriots game was a wild ride. Chiefs kinda blew it, I was definitely rootin' for em. However, Here's to approx 12 days from this exact moment when the GOAT, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., makes it 6.
  5. xyrose

    Grave Digger 7 revamped pack

    The 2000 paint edit is 👌🔥. You remembered the old bad to the bone logo this time, too! Awesome stuff man.
  6. Version 1.1.0


    I figured I would upload my controller setup seeing in how most of the older versions on the site are obsolete. Credits to Mark Colineri for the original map that I built off of long ago. This works with both Xbox and Playstation controllers, wired and wirelessly via Bluetooth. . . . - After installation, go to This PC / Documents / Rigs of Rods (whatever version you're using) / config , and then swap out the input.map for the one you just installed. - Keep the other input.map in a safe place in case you ever want to swap back and/or make your own adjustments. - Xbox controllers work straight away without any programs (on Windows, of course.) - For Dualshocks, DS4Windows is needed. It is essentially an Xbox controller emulator. - I have provided it, but here is the link to the website for tutorials and further guidance: http://ds4windows.com/ - Make sure that DS4Windows is running, and that your controller is connected to it, prior to launching ROR. - If the throttle is stuck and all of the controls are inverted, simply go to your Bluetooth settings and disconnect and reconnect the controller. - ***Make sure to have the controller blinking / ready to pair before you click "Add Bluetooth or other device". Otherwise the problem will persist. - When using a plugged-in Dualshock, make sure you go to the Settings tab in DS4Windows and check off the box that reads "Hide DS4 Controller". . . . Controls Outside Truck: - Left Joystick = Move - A or X = Jump - X or Square = Run - D-Pad Up = Enter / Exit Truck Controls Inside Truck: - A or X = Toggle Truck Engine On/Off - X or Square = Left Rear Steer - B or Circle = Right Rear Steer - Y or Triangle = Reset Truck - Menu or Options Button (Hold) = Truck Ignition - Share Button = Look Back - Left Joystick = Front Wheel Steering - LT or L2 = Brake - RT or R2 = Accelerate - Left Bumper or L1 = Shift Down - Right Bumper or R1 = Shift Up - D-Pad Up = Enter / Exit Truck - D-Pad Left = Toggle HUD - D-Pad Down = Change Camera - Left Joystick Click = Save Truck Position as well as Quicksave in 0.4.8 - Right Joystick Click = Load Truck Position as well as Quickload in 0.4.8 . . . - If there are any questions, problems or assistance needed, please DM me.
  7. I would suggest the Tacoma, it's never been done to my knowledge and I think it would make for an interesting design.
  8. Over the multitude of video games I've played in my lifetime, I couldn't tell you how many servers I regularly had fun playing on eventually succumbed to a toxic bloodbath. I understand that not everyone can run a private server, it takes a decent computer and the need to be available when anyone wants to play and all that, and the fact that it's a public server you understand that you really have no control over it. I would just stay clear of it all and try not to fan the flames. I don't really think anything can be done about it here that would impact you positively by posting this thread, but I would highly suggest finding a way to make a private server. If it's this much of an issue I would definitely try getting your group together and figuring out how to make a private server for all of you.
  9. xyrose

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    A real headscratcher. https://i.imgur.com/DVlCR33.gifv
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Pedals: - Left Pedal = Brake - Right Pedal = Accelerate Racing Wheel Essential: - Racing Wheel Itself = Front Wheel Steering - Left Trigger (on back of wheel) = Shift Down -Right Trigger (on back of wheel) = Shift Up Sequential Shift: - Hold up (-) = Left Rear Steer - Hold down (+) = Right Rear Steer Racing Wheel Cont: - Triangle = Reset Truck - Square = Toggle HUD On/Off - X = Change Camera - Circle = Toggle Truck Engine On/Off - Horn = Truck Ignition - L3 = Save Truck Position - R3 = Load Truck Position
  11. xyrose

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    no creds for my aqua blue paint? n1
  12. xyrose

    Atlanta 2014 Fun Run @ 7:00 PM EST 11/18/16

    Name: mat white Discord Name: mat white Truck: Avenger
  13. xyrose

    Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    http://i.imgur.com/99fLUPz.gifv Yes! I think the green on 13 should be more neon, but everything else is ?