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  1. Sign Ups for Season #4

    Dammit just as I came back.
  2. SMRA S3: West Arena Event #5, June 5th

    Turns out last Sunday was the best chance for me to attend. I NEED a fill in, I don't care if it comes out of my budget.
  3. SMRA S3: West Stadium Event 5 - May 22

    I need a fill in on arena again I think. Please

    More like this:
  5. SMRA S3: West Stadium Event 4 - May 15

    Leaving this here in case my message over in the arena event was missed: I need a fill-in. Car getting repaired and the guy seems shady so I can't just leave it there
  6. SMRA S3: West Arena Event #3, May 15th

    I still need a fill-in

    Awesome, I say PM everyone who's signed up about this
  8. SMRA S3: West Arena Event #3, May 15th

    Thanks for doing that man. Sim-Monster moms everywhere are thanking you for that
  9. SMRA S3: West Arena Event #3, May 15th

    Might need someone to fill in for me. Don't count me out until the event starts though, if anything have someone on standby
  10. 2016 Lexus RX350 Monster Truck (0.45, Breakable)

    It's super slippery. Not sure if that's just me but it does get very frustrating, and then the RPM dropping to 1000 for a long time is very strange. This is still a great truck though I like the concept
  11. SMRA Season 3 Budget

    Death Mist Motorsports: Week 2 Starting Budget: $16,325 Travel Cost: -$518 Show Income: 2,500 ($3,000 for being there) Damage Cost: -$2,000 Total Profit: +$3,500 New Budget: $19,825 (↑)
  12. Hello

    I can probably help you troubleshoot installing trucks and getting to run the game, PM me and I'll give you steps there. I should tell you now though, get .37/.38 and .4, that's where content is going towards
  13. Alternative Monster Jam Judging Methods

    I want to say that they should have touring official judges that are determined through that testing someone proposed, and they should be general motorsport judges with some sort of idea of what monster truck judging SHOULD be. Say some other motorsport has an "off" season, that makes room for a judge to officiate at MJ event. They call him up and he does his job, and assuming he's only doing his job and doesn't have any real bias because he was pulled off of some MotoX judge table, congrats we have better judging.
  14. (tracks) WF 17 Racing & FS

    To give constructive commentary, coming out of the right lane from thunder alley there's a huge lag spike by the jump for me (the one that has the log setup). Not sure why. The jumps that are closer to thunder alley's left lane also need just a liiiiittle bit of work too, they need to be less steep mainly. Otherwise, it's just a matter of putting it in Sam Boyd Stadium and readjusting the textures! It's a great job either way.
  15. SMRA S3: West Arena Event #1, April 17th

    It was a fun event, 8/10. There's no female characters but there aren't any male characters either so that's okay I guess.