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    Truck Select Menu Not Working

    By bar with an arrow I mean the button where you select the type of vehicle- off-road trucks, street cars, etc. EDIT: the box says "Addon Terrains" not the map name.
  2. HockeyR0cket

    Truck Select Menu Not Working

    I downloaded the 2015 blue thunder truck and installed it like normal. I started up rigs of rods and selected a map, and when it went to the truck select menu no trucks showed up and on the bar with an arrow it showed the name of the map. I don't know how to fix this can anyone help? I'll try to get a screenshot soon.
  3. HockeyR0cket

    Monster Energy 2015

    I put the two lines from above in the managedmaterials before I drove them just in case, and when I selected any of the trucks it said "could not find materiel GraveDiggerrefflare" How can I fix this?