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  1. Also double post but I’m not sure how to double reply, you can retire once some more assets are on the site 😂 jk but on a side note my blender doesn’t let me import tracks... or stadiums or models and I love detail but I simply don’t have any of the newer models... only what’s been released to download
  2. Thanks, conveniently enough I learned how to better texture my tracks from you, so this should be one of my best, the new cars I would use but I got no idea how to do those special collisions he mentioned in the post...
  3. long time no see sim-monsters, well anyway I'm sorta here still... anyway this is one of my favorite projects to date. i have put lots of time into this track, its a repli-custom 2019 track with the red style layout and green racing, its the best of both worlds. To the track creators on this platform, I have tried something y'all do (maxdman, chrisb etc.) but kinda smoothing everything and making it more "round" with less sharp angles, I've always smoothed the ramps, but this I did everything and I'm really happy with the results so far!
  4. Coming Soon, I made this in less than 4 hours, and im very happy with it! Enjoy!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    0.38/0.4 compatible Thanks to T.Ray for the idea, he wanted a Halloween track so I provided! It was thrown together quickly so I hope the level of detail is ok! Credits MaxDMan: Props Rockcrwlr: Props SM Community: Other IF I FORGOT ANYONE PLEASE PM ME
  6. about beam, same lol. Now in ror I would love to make more stuff but honestly there not enough updated resources or props, and I still cant get help with ripping models from other tracks... so that leaves me to use the same stuff over and over and that gets boring.
  7. well said, I feel like personally ive just hit a brick wall with track creation. Like I know how to make decent tracks, and well preforming tracks. however the lack of tutorials especially from a content creator like you rlly bars me from furthering my knowledge, not to mention college....
  8. When I try to message you this happens: 

    • maxdman cannot receive messages.
  9. erhminer

    Fire Maxd

    and this is why things never get done or released people dont understand what PRIVATE means.
  10. you're not even supposed to hit those so it shouldn't be a problem.
  11. Coming Very Soon! I Know its really easy to grasp but heres the racing setup.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    I Hope everybody enjoys the tack! Its a special memorial day upload! Compatible on .3/.4 - - !!NOTED!! Freestyle track turns black if re loaded too much on 4.8, re launch game to fix. If you know what may cause this please let me know! Thanks! Credits: MaxDMan- Stadium, Props, Cars, Other Assets. RockCrwlr- Cars, Misc? erhminer/Sim Monsters- Other T.Ray- Beta Testing/Help
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