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  1. Let me guess: this is s'posed to be a Team Ice scheme for this Monster Energy truck, isn't it?
  2. Yes, and those rims were from Ragin' Steel too.
  3. Unfortunately, those are not the white rims with the Little Tiger stripes. That's the LTrim.mesh piece I mentioned in my request.
  4. "OCD"? That's another Sim-Monsters member, isn't it?
  5. I saw the Little Tiger (Ford) among four trucks all featured in a photo based in that Show Your Projects chapter, but now that photo is gone. And that Little Tiger is the one I hope they're making as we speak. Also, because it won a World Championship long ago, the Wolverine (Chevy) is one of many trucks I hope to collect for RoR 0.4.8 and then use in the future.
  6. What do you mean? The extra details are ones I came up with.
  7. Name: Little Tiger Body: 2004 Ford Chassis: PEI Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: LTRim.mesh on the front wheels; WhiteRim.mesh, KingSleeve.mesh, KingShaft.mesh, and gdxxcoil.mesh on the rear; and UKTireCut.mesh tires (everything else stays the same) Name: Wolverine Body: 2001 Chevy Chassis: PEI Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: KingSleeve.mesh, KingShaft.mesh, & gdxxcoil.mesh on the rear; and UKTireCut.mesh tires (everything else stays the same) (I'm looking for these two trucks after both were taken off Sim-Monsters. But why were they taken off the site?) (Also, I now use RoR version 0.4.8. So please create these two trucks for that version of the program.)
  8. Ian S. Summers Discord: S41C43M47J El Toro Loco (Black)
  9. Truck: Grave Digger XIX (2004) Link: Name: Ian S. Summers Discord: S41C43M47J
  10. Unless there is a way to change controls so you can only use the rear steering without the "Fn" button.
  11. Blender is outta the question for me as I look for .truck files in that program and find none. So if you want me to make my own trucks myself, good luck with that.
  12. Will anyone ever convert this track to version 0.37.126?
  13. There is no Auto Zone Black Smith in this truck pack for 0.37.126.
  14. True, some bodies have different schemes. But the trucks remain the same nonetheless.
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