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  1. [TRUCK] Avenger World Finals 6

    Here are some of the Avenger's World Finals schemes. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1xcbzwc029odg60/AVENGER+WORLD+FINALS.zip
  2. Hot Wheels 2002

    If he's still working on it, I wonder how much longer it will be 'til it's ready.
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    It is. The Avenger had that flag at that event.
  4. The White Windshield

    The Max-D trucks in the Max-D pack have the white windshield I don't see through at all. Does anyone have a specific item I need to solve the problem?
  5. ScrapyardRC Shock Model

    Where is the managedmaterials line in the .truck files?
  6. (tracks) World Finals 17

    Even after I place this track in my Terrains folder, it doesn't even show up on the track list, and it's anything but ready as a result.
  7. Spiderman 2016

    I don't understand this, either. Why would someone bring back a truck which is retired from Monster Jam and make it look as if it came from this year?
  8. Speeding My Own Trucks Up

    I've been looking for the numbers I must change on the shocks so that my trucks can go faster than usual, but I haven't found them yet. If how fast my trucks go involve the shock setup, where must I look on the .truck file when I use the NotePad?
  9. Bowser's Castle

    The subject was eliminated. Better response time next time.
  10. Fun Run @ St. Louis, Missouri - 4/8/16

    Name: Ian Summers AIM: thegalacticknight@hotmail.com
  11. I Will Convert Any Track You Want! :)

    Thank you.
  12. I Will Convert Any Track You Want! :)

    Track: Monsters of ROR Finals Link:
  13. Tampa 2/6/2016

    Name: Tampa 2016 Racing Style: Jersey Venue: Raymond James Stadium Date Scheduled: 2/6/2016 Replica or Custom: Replica Images/Graphics: Other Details: As indicated in the image seen here, the track is muddy and slick.
  14. Fun Run @ East Rutherford 2014 - 3/29/16 *TODAY*

    Name: Ian Summers AIM: thegalacticknight@hotmail.com Truck: Gunslinger 2013 Link: