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  1. Blender is outta the question for me as I look for .truck files in that program and find none. So if you want me to make my own trucks myself, good luck with that.
  2. Will anyone ever convert this track to version 0.37.126?
  3. There is no Auto Zone Black Smith in this truck pack for 0.37.126.
  4. True, some bodies have different schemes. But the trucks remain the same nonetheless.
  5. I found the code for the spinners, but after I put them and their rims on the truck, I enter the program, go to accelerate the truck, and see the tires warp and twist instead of rolling the way they normally should.
  6. I put the Escalade spinners and their rims on other trucks, but the spinners don't work properly as they stand on the rims at different angles and thus don't function properly. May I ask someone to put the spinner on the EscaladeRIm2017.mesh file so that the spinner will automatically stand on the rim and function no matter which truck I place it on?
  7. Here are some of the Avenger's World Finals schemes. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1xcbzwc029odg60/AVENGER+WORLD+FINALS.zip
  8. If he's still working on it, I wonder how much longer it will be 'til it's ready.
  9. It is. The Avenger had that flag at that event.
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