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  1. GraveDiggerredflare?

    Thanks a bunch! this helped sooo much! now that i got my newer trucks working the sound doesnt work ahaha
  2. GraveDiggerredflare?

    Before reading I am new to the game and not very computer smart at least with all this coding and editing so be nice and patient please. So I keep getting the "error 5" message saying im missing GraveDiggerredflare when i download newer trucks outside of the V4 pack, ive already searched through help forums on here and im still not sure how to fix it, mostly i just dont understand whats being said or how to go about fixing the problem. I see others saying just download more trucks and it'll fix the problem on its own and some saying edit the trucks coding basically. A walk through would be nice and very appreciatd if possible.
  3. Wishing these damn newer trucks would work for me!

  4. Error 5? What files am I missing?

    no i just put it into the vehicles folder. should i out t in the v4 pack?
  5. Error 5? What files am I missing?

    I currently run .37 and i use the V4 pack of course. But when i tried to download for example the "Grave Digger XIX Update 2.0" and use, i get the error 5 message. Same with any other truck ive been trying to add. How do I fix this?
  6. MJWF 15 2014

    i did, i typed world finals and world finals 15 but nothing came up but world finals trucks or older tracks. but then again im new to the site and still learning
  7. MJWF 15 2014

    not sure what youre getting at with that comment?...
  8. MJWF 15 2014

    Las Vegas, NV Name: Monster Jam World Finals 15 Venue: Sam Boyd Stadium Racing Style: Vegas Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: March 2014 Images/Graphics: Other details: Im not sure if I overlooked the site but I cant seem to find this world finals track, if its already made can someone post the link. Btw, yes I know the track sucked in the actual event I was there.
  9. Need help learning .37!

    Ok so i finally downloaded .37 after using .38 for awhile and im quickly noticing if i want to switch trucks i have to exit then reenter the game. Unlike .38 it has a pulldown menu. Does .37 have one also to make things more simple or do i just have to deal with it?
  10. Grave Digger XIX Update

    i cant even get the damn file it keeps sending me in a loop. authorize download then i type in the captcha then it send me right back where i began
  11. New to SM and RoR

    hey man, thanks a bunch! ill look into trying to learn all of this asap
  12. Grave Digger XIX Update

    sorry im new to all of this, what is unzipped mean? can you explain a quick walkthrough for that? and how do iadd the corresponding parts as you said in a later post?
  13. Sim-Monsters V4 (0.38 Compatible)

    love this pack. cant wait till it gets an update, if it does. appreciate the fine work! thank you
  14. 0.38 Compatible V4 has been released!

    will the V4 pack compatible with .38 ever get an update to include newer trucks or looks? i know how time consuming and hard that might be and i very much appreciate the guy who even made it possible for me to play with the truck already in the pack
  15. New to SM and RoR

    Im new to RoR, i have figured out how to add tracks and I run 0.38.67 currently struggling and trying to get the game down smoothly. I dont yet know how to tinker with the settings like ive seen some people talk about. I dont even really know how to get new trucks i download other than the V4 pack compatible with .38 to work but I would appreciate any and all advice. hope to hear and talk to you all =)