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    Some pics showing the actual truck would be nice for those looking to download it rather than opening it like Pandora's Box, but I like the truck!!! Great work!
  2. Never actually got to watch the FELD MJ series this past year, but I noticed they became full liberal and removed everything to do with guns; removed Gun from Gunslinger, removed the gun from Metal Mulisha, and took the gun off of Soldier Fortune. Has this bothered anybody else? Seeing my favorite trucks being censored like that really bothers me.
  3. I just got my Thrustmaster wheel today, and I got the idea that I could set it up for RoR, and set the paddles on the back to the rear wheel steering. Then I realized that I have no clue how to set up controls in RoR. Has anybody got any tips or tutorials on how to set this wheel up with RoR, and if so, what turning radius should I have the wheel on for the monster trucks?
    Excellent pack, only issue is that the non-championship version crashes. Still good though!
    The 20th Anniversary crashes, but other than that, great work!
    Other than the WF version (and the '92 version) crashing the game, amazing pack! Only reason it's 3 and not 4 stars is due to the crashing.
  4. So, I noticed the new files uploaded, titled Grave Digger 7, 12, and 14. Downloaded em, love em. But that got me thinking. There are, what, over 30 GD trucks? But, even though I'm a die-hard Digger fanboy, I don't know the difference between any of them. Can someone help me out and explain the differences between all of them? I'm sure there are others out there having the same issue... hopefully it's not just me!
  5. I've got an issue where the American truck crashes the game, and the UK truck has white tires??
  6. Where are these slippery spots? I can't seem to find them!!
  7. I need help finding some mods for RoR that are .4+ and actually have pictures for them so I know what I'm downloading. Any help here?
  8. Breakables are pretty fun to drive, adding more realism to Rigs of Rods. However, for the trucks that have breakable bodies, when they come off the camera bugs out and seems to "glide" away from the truck when I drive away from the body. I'm playing on 37.126, does anyone on here know how to fix this issue?? Any help is appreciated!
  9. I love the breakable truck, sadly when the body comes off, the camera dicks around and makes the game unplayable... I'm gonna cry the next time RoR does this. I LOVE the trucks though!
  10. Are the sleds supposed to spawn in their spots or are they supposed to be spawned in manually?
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