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  1. V4 CustomCaptial Punishment

    I've got an issue where the American truck crashes the game, and the UK truck has white tires??
  2. East Rutherford 2017

    Where are these slippery spots? I can't seem to find them!!
  3. Downloads for RoR .4+ mods????

    There's nothing there???
  4. Downloads for RoR .4+ mods????

    I need help finding some mods for RoR that are .4+ and actually have pictures for them so I know what I'm downloading. Any help here?
  5. Breakables & Camera Panning

    Breakables are pretty fun to drive, adding more realism to Rigs of Rods. However, for the trucks that have breakable bodies, when they come off the camera bugs out and seems to "glide" away from the truck when I drive away from the body. I'm playing on 37.126, does anyone on here know how to fix this issue?? Any help is appreciated!
  6. Grave Digger XIX Pack

    I love the breakable truck, sadly when the body comes off, the camera dicks around and makes the game unplayable... I'm gonna cry the next time RoR does this. I LOVE the trucks though!
  7. New Orleans, LA 1986 (January) ("Return of the Monster Trucks")

    Are the sleds supposed to spawn in their spots or are they supposed to be spawned in manually?
  8. Hot Wheels 2002

    The body shows up as black, what do?
  9. St. Louis, MO 1999 USHRA Monster Jam World Finals

    I love the crushable cars, but they kinda seem a bit too firm, like it takes a while to get some real destruction, and almost mainly on the roof.
  10. Indianapolis, IN 1985 (USA Motorsports)

    Your newest truck crashes the game when selected on this track. Any fix?
  11. Grave Digger 32

    The flags are showing up invisible on one side, and pure white on the other side... any help?
  12. Xbox Controller Wheel Snapping

    I just recently got an Xbox 360 wireless controller. I got a keymap for RoR and started it up. Everything is GREAT except for the wheels snapping when they turn. Is there any way to dial the turning speed down a bit?
  13. Wheels not meeeting edge of rims

    I downloaded the Warbird truck from the second page off of the V4 Customs page: decided to change the tires on it. So I downloaded these: and swapped them out. In game, the wheels don't come up to where the outside of the rims are. There is an annoying gap between. And it isn't on just that truck. It's been like that for almost every truck I tried and every wheel pack on the website. Any thoughts on the matter?
  14. Sim Monsters v4 Pack Missing Many Parts

    Jack1998, yes. I am using 0.37. The updates didn't work. I've tried reinstalling the pack, clearing and regening th cache and still no luck.
  15. Sim Monsters v4 Pack Missing Many Parts

    I recently downloaded the V4 pack, and some of the trucks do not work. For instance, all of the Max-D trucks don't work. One has no body, one has a body but no texture, and one has a body with no texture sitting low to the ground. Any help?