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  1. Th3cam

    python instilation not found

    thank you it worked
  2. Th3cam

    python instilation not found

    i dont know how to fix this i have a entire instillation of python in every folder in blender and it dosent work
  3. Th3cam

    expoting as mesh

    i cant get the exporter working so can someone export this body for me please. http://www.mediafire.com/file/devwwj04672potp/jEEP.blend1
  4. Th3cam

    finishing my custom jeep

    Can someone help me get my jeep monster truck into the game i have most of everything i just need someone to node beam it because i dont have the skill to do this
  5. Th3cam

    anybody up for a fun run

    we can use one that is already up
  6. Th3cam

    anybody up for a fun run

    says its using a different protocol
  7. Th3cam

    anybody up for a fun run

  8. Th3cam

    anybody up for a fun run

    I'll be on in 10 to 20 mins
  9. Th3cam

    anybody up for a fun run

    I'm down
  10. Th3cam

    body not loading

    im building a yj jeep monster truck but i cant get the body to appear
  11. Th3cam

    Im back

    after a couple of months away Im back.
  12. Th3cam

    Sign ups (Close May 10th @ 8pm)

    are customs allowed
  13. Th3cam

    invisible body

    The body does not show in game
  14. Th3cam

    how to export

  15. Th3cam

    how to export

    i dont know what to export my truck out of blender so it works