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  1. I attended this event and have more pictures if needed.
  2. new (gun)slinger chassis. (the old body isn't returning, they were just using it to test the truck).
  3. i'm not saying you're lying or whatever but, your computer date has nothing to do with product price. paint.net is free for anyone and everyone. EDIT: watch this video:
  4. It's a ONE TIME body for that The Meg's blue carpet promotional thing. It's literally not running.
  5. It's literally the same chassis and body. It's not a different truck so no need to make a whole new one. The 2001 is the same as the 2002, hence why rockgod didn't make a 2002 version.
  6. Blue Thunder is pretty much identical in 2001 and 2002.
  7. Dennis was going to retire eventually, this injury was bound to happen if he kept driving. With all these advancements, of course it was dangerous. I do agree FELD could have given more respect and honor regarding his retirement, but we don't work for FELD. We have FELD to thank for a lot of technological advancements in this sport, FELD can provide the amount of money to explore the technology and advancements most other teams can't, have you seen the new technology placed on several trucks including Son-Uva Digger which allow for troubleshooting problems faster and make reading information regarding the truck easier and is even electronic? These advancements also allow for independents to learn and grow as teams. Monster Jam isn't unfair to independents, you can not tell me that independents have not learned from what FELD's chassis do in order to advance and do tricks (A prime example being Trent in Megalodon). Independents running Monster Jam bodies is a choice and overall saves them money. FELD uses the same chassis so they are compatible with all their bodies which is easier for them when it comes to international touring. Your complaint about teams sharing parts is literally stupid too, Monster Jam carries spare parts to help all the other teams including independents. Why should someone pay to see a truck break and not run when FELD can provide a part they need which benefits both the team and the crowd. I understand you grew up with monster trucks / Monster Jam being bus stacks and walls of cars, but remember that people from the 80s grew up with trucks that could barely catch any air and the only obstacles were straight lines of cars. Monster trucks will always evolve for both the entertainment and safety aspects. I don't agree with everything Monster Jam does, but I applaud them for how they have improved the sport. If you don't like Monster Jam, there are other promoters to support. I don't understand why you're constantly stirring the pot on this site. Another point worth making, Monster Jam is partially responsible for a lot of members on this site. Monster Jam has more fans and has garnered more attention than any other promotor. You can thank Monster Jam for a lot of modern exposure. Without Monster Jam, I'm sure this site wouldn't be nearly as big. and, NtheDiggerFan, before you quote me saying "I 100% agree *insert more butt kissing*", you dont. I'm contradicting your claims.
  8. One small detail I noticed, if you're going for 100% accuracy, the team recently made some changes to the chassis. They added some different rear chassis support like the ones on CRDs and Inhouses. The truck looks great!
  9. i think we found nthediggerfan's brother.
  10. My bad, I was going off the little amounts of information I had heard from various sources!
  11. The chassis was custom built by the team. It was heavily inspired off a Cohen. They look very similar, but upon comparison, differences can be determined.
  12. An Intel i5-8400 is literally $190 tops. I have a couple choice things to say to you, but I'd rather not get banned from this site. I'll leave it at this, no need to lie, if you're lagging, your pc sux plain and simple.
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