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  1. Josh Tavarez Monster Energy Discord: Starksm8 #4849 Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lb516a1cutb5t17/ChaoticTrucks.zip/file
  2. I would most likely meet you at the pit party
  3. He got it working guys just to let you know
  4. Well No Kidding, Glad i was able to help you find your way to Sim Monsters Joe, Welcome to the Community
  5. Exactly what i keep telling people...they never understand lmao
  6. Thank You For The Feedback, its still a W.I.P as theres some issues with it still, the post will be reuploaded
  7. Joshwa Tavarez VP Mad Scientist (You Have)
  8. it isnt a fun run i made it to get people to watch the stream
  9. this isnt particularly and event fun run its just to get people to come out and enjoy realistic Monster Jam, but in the future we will gladly have u in one
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