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  1. Name: Josh Tavarez Truck: Rod Ryan Link: Discord: Starksm8#4849
  2. Josh Tavarez Monster Energy Discord: Starksm8 #4849 Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lb516a1cutb5t17/ChaoticTrucks.zip/file
  3. I would most likely meet you at the pit party
  4. He got it working guys just to let you know
  5. Well No Kidding, Glad i was able to help you find your way to Sim Monsters Joe, Welcome to the Community
  6. Exactly what i keep telling people...they never understand lmao
  7. Thank You For The Feedback, its still a W.I.P as theres some issues with it still, the post will be reuploaded
  8. Joshwa Tavarez VP Mad Scientist (You Have)
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