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  1. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    What is that even supposed to be?
  2. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    That engine is delicious, and I am tempted to lick it. Is that a bad idea?
  3. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I never got to see Meents' qualifying wreck. :/
  4. Show Your Project Chapter 61

  5. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Very nice, but I would fix the following: Beadlocks should have a darker shade of red The kid's helmet should be very dark green There are some ribbons by the left tire on either side of the body, one of them is the pink cancer ribbon but I am unsure of the others Are the hubs yellow?
  6. Arlington 2017 Wednesday 2/7/18 @7:00PM eastern.

    Jackson Meszaros Hooked Infradread#5119
  7. Sim Monsters Annual "What Did You Get?" Thread

    Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP Virtual reality headset New clothes Lots of snacks Perpetual motion toys Money
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    I actually decided to convert Aaron's original BeamNG Stadium to an RoR terrain, if you wouldn't mind me releasing that as well.
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    That looks fun. Which track is this, and what game was it originally designed for?
  10. Does anyone have a .map file for this setup? I can't find any way to map this wheel for Rigs of Rods. (I use 0.4.6 if that helps)
  11. Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Is there a way for me to get Over Bored and Wild Side? I would appreciate it!
  12. Music thread

    I bet you can't say "I've seen u mesmerized watching a frozen burrito rotate in a microwave oven" five times fast! srsly try it I think I shared this song only for the title... still a good song though.
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    What thing is that?
  14. Israel 2007

    Version 1.0.0


    חנוכה שמח! This file was tested in versions 37.126 and 4.6 I hope you enjoy this terrain!