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  1. Name: Mark MDiscord Username & Number: mark.#1000Truck: Just Get Er Done
  2. Name: Mark M Truck: Fullboar Link: Discord: mark $#1000
  3. to late to sign up?? if not Mrinkovic@hotmail.com Mark Marinkovic Barbarian
  4. if tires are white download this: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6j9cj0lbx1hwz14/Flare+and+White+Wheel+Fix.zip hopefully it helps
  5. Mark M Northern Nightmare Mrinkovic@hotmail.com
  6. name: Mark Marinkovic Truck: GD. mrinkovic@hotmail.com
  7. Don't think it has been released
  8. can you send me a pick of what ur settings look like?
  9. am i supposed to have force feedback on?
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