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  1. So iv'e made a bunch of "new" or updated chassis for some trucks for personal use (nothing crazy and worth publishing), and this has worked for many if not all the chassis/props ive made, as far as showing up in game properly. I recently worked on a new SUD chassis but am having trouble with it showing up; I followed the standard procedures: create all chassis in blender - texture - set smooth - edge split (all that fun stuff) - join - Ctrl + A -export with ogre mesh - convert with ogre - change file name in .truck file - replace .truck file. no matter what I try it doesn't want to show up so as of now my newest (and best) work is a floating steering wheel and flag, so help would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind i used the ogre mesh tool and a mesh appeared in the program. I would add pictures but Im not sure what use they would be. Thanks, Matt
  2. *edit* link works again so thank you!
  3. Overall, amazing truck with a lot of cool new features. Only problem i see is that the front body mounts stick through the front of the body. Not a glaring imperfection but it only takes a few secs in blender to fix, at least thats what I did on blais's max d CRDs
  4. I’m working on it
  5. Hey you know the dodge demons right (full name 2018 dodge challenger SRT Demon ) could you make a body like this I'd really appreciate it

    thanks (had to do it here because it wouldn't let me pm you)

  6. There’s really no fixing this, just drive onto the track and it’ll be normal
  7. You can always just scale it down to fit your truck, you said it’s somewhat of a custom so it doesn’t have to match real life 100%
  8. I love the amount of detail that has been put into this, new tranny, gauges, wires, etc along with the bad co logo on the engine. Awesome work and I love how you’re trying to add that “reflection” that the real truck has. Now If only the back sway bars and links were lined up....
  9. Yeah, .4 as well. It’s cause some of the sound scripts aren’t there
  10. I’d suggest changing the chassis to fit your needs. It’s obvious that it’s the gas monkey truck with custom props which is cool and stuff, but if you want a really good custom truck, I’d start from the ground up. If it helps I have this chassis with Fern’s updated props in blender and can do what you want with it. Just shoot me a pm and I can do chassis/blender work and get you a baked body while I’m at it.
  11. Philadelphia, PA 2018 Lincoln Financial Field Chicago Style Replica May 5, 2018 if you need anymore track/stadium pics, just pm me
  12. I have seen @rockgod88using his desktop applications and ror simultaneously (jumping back and forth) in order to edit trucks. I wasn't sure how to do this but I thought it might be helpful and wasn't sure if anyone knew how to do this. Heres the link for what im talking about:
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