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  1. The Black Pearl Monster Truck

    I just renamed another -spec.png, if you want me to I can just pm you guys with the file
  2. The Black Pearl Monster Truck

    Same thing happened to me, make sure GDCustom-spec.png is in there, that solved it for me
  3. The Black Pearl Monster Truck

    Best work to date. Absolute joy to run with!!
  4. The Black Pearl Monster Truck

    Awesome work man. By far your best project to date, as I can see you took your time with the paint to get it as accurate as possible. And believe me that i let that ship SAIL in freestyle
  5. Using ROR & Desktop at the same time

    I have seen @rockgod88using his desktop applications and ror simultaneously (jumping back and forth) in order to edit trucks. I wasn't sure how to do this but I thought it might be helpful and wasn't sure if anyone knew how to do this. Heres the link for what im talking about:
  6. New Orleans 2018

    It would be more helpful to say how it doesn’t work (doesn’t show up in game, crashes, stadium doesn’t show up) etc. rather than saying just , “it doesn’t work”
  7. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    The actual maker is re-publishing the original file. I just sent him the new zip with .4 files. Hope this helps
  8. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    I converted it to .4, I had messaged him and he’s gonna update the file . I would take down yours just so we don’t have two of the same. He’s also fixing the weird banner glitch some people might having.
  9. New Orleans 2018

    Converting it now and I’ll send it to @monster jam fan so he can update this file
  10. WRA World Finals 3

    this track is an absolute joy to play on and I love the variety of hits possible. Idk why feld hasnt hired you as a track designer... yet. 10/10 would recommend. Great work man !! For anyone wondering above.. this track IS .4 compatible
  11. Monster Jam World Finals 18 Racing

    It’s even better than I thought it was gonna be.. great work man
  12. For the white textures, its most likely a missing png, so try to put fiberglass.png in the zip, as for the gun, the only way to do that is do put into blender, and remove it there.
  13. New to RoR, but there's a problem...

    If that works for you then go for it, what I do is put the v4 pack in the packs folder and then the other truck zips in the vehicles folder. I load a smv4 truck then load whatever your want, this ensures that my truck doesn’t crash the game and “loads” correctly. Now some zips obviously won’t have all the textures and whatnot so I just go back and place the files into whatever your trying to fix. Only (minor) issue is that if you have a mesh or png or something with the same name in a new truck as in an smv4 truck, it will override whatever your trying to load as the second truck. But again, it’s whatever works for you
  14. New to RoR, but there's a problem...

    How do you put your trucks in game specifically? (such as extracting all files, individual zips. etc.) Procedures for fixing stuff can vary on how you put your trucks in
  15. Alien Invasion 2016-2017

    missing alot of stuff as mentioned and some stuff shown in the screenshots aren't included
  16. Alien Invasion 2016-2017

    That’s my point
  17. Alien Invasion 2016-2017

    So i thought something seemed off from what is in the pictures and what loads ingame. There are a few problems that shouldn't even be an issue, as its too simple. 1. There is missing body detail on the sides (dont know if im missing a png or something.) and 2. The logo on the side in the featured screenshot isn't even the right one compared to my screenshot. Here: these problems shouldn't be problems...
  18. Jester 2017 Pack

    Im loving those BKTs, and im putting them on every truck i own (that should have bkts). Great work, love those details!
  19. Birmingham Triple Threat 2018

    Overall great track and is a ton of fun to play on. I dont have the absolute BEST computer and i dont have the top of the line ones, so I got somewhere from 40-60 fps which is perfectly fine. Im not a blender wizard but what you guys were talking about above might help with Vegas... I know it might be a pain to "redo" racing or whatever but if it can be done somewhat easily and is not time consuming, it might be worth it to fix the "verts" im hearing about, for those with lesser computers. Also another thing ive found with this track is that the stadium (crowd, top of banners, etc. Although this does not include the floor of the "pits" in the back.) have that glue like property. Meaning, if you touch your truck anywhere on the side it will get stuck. I can try to mess around with the .odef file but its just a word of warning. Overall its a joy to play on, and i love to see your progress over time.
  20. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    The firestorms DEFINITELY look better but there are some minor things that should be fixed (especially on the Vegas one) . I can PM you pics if you want so you can get the best possible truck. Also it might just be me but on the “hydraulics” on ES body should be silver at the end, rather than just all black. Also ES use black limit straps, not yellow
  21. Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

  22. Fail Pictures

    Its good to see im starting 2018 off well
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the conversion of rockgod88's track, I know it spawns the truck in an akward place but just drive to the right and youll get there I DID NOT CREATE THIS TRACK I JUST CONVERTED IT
  24. Grave Digger 7 pack v3

    Great work on all of the new v2 trucks, all work great and I apreciate you fixing them so they can be the best possible content. For those wondering, all work on .4
  25. 0.4 Black parts due to Spec map?

    I use both .38 and .4 so I can see both sides here. I keep my truck and terrain files in their own zips s nothing overlaps. As for black texturing, ive never really had a problem with that as long as I have the -spec files. As far as i know, the only issue ive had recently is the Fuel and Power pump box being black (minor issue). For my opinion, Id stick with the .material files. Also if you ever need anything tested in .4 to make sure everything goes as (textured) id be happy to help.