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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    I'm thinking about doing that with World Finals 8, do you mind sending my that blend when you have a chance? Looks good so far
  2. Car Porn

    Dream Car:
  3. Get Jolly

    Version 1.0.0


    Decided to make a Christmas version of my first custom truck, Crossed Out , which is entitled, Get Jolly. Please note this IS a standalone and will not need any other parts to function. It was pretty fun to make and had two versions: *Regular *Chrome Credits: Rockgod's original Toxic Chassis Rims: Me Me: Candy Cane 4-Links and Tierods Everything else: Miscelaneous SM Stuff Also special help to SelfDestruct with making the -spec Merry Christmas Everyone!!
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    I like it
  5. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    lookin' pretty sweet!
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    If it's a retro digger, it should have retro parts, you shouldn't just put a body on pre built a digger, change out some parts
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    Please, put parts and props from the time that truck with the body was around, or it won't look finished
  8. How to improve your graphics

    is there anyway to uninstall Reshade from RoR? When I open the config it is really slow to load then when i do hit play it comes up with an error message
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    Metal Mulisha
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    Is that just a painted over eichelberger body w/ map d rims, I'm guessing it's supposed to be from when Jared drive it in Glendale?
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    Don't worry, don't worry... there's a regular one too.. without chrome
  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    Decided to keep things similar to my first custom... only this time there's a little more holiday spirit..
  13. BoneHeadRacing

    Why not just make the first version .4 compatible in the first place...
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    Are they FULLY breakable like Blaises' ? Body and all?
  15. Gaithersburg 2015

    doesn't work for 0.4 This worked for me
  16. Eagen County Fair (Custom)

    I sent him the files so it should be updated and .4 compatible soon
  17. Monster Jam University

    Not sure when he will, I sent it for him to update this file
  18. Monster Jam University

    too late, already did
  19. Eagen County Fair (Custom)

    Please post something in the track request section, also please follow the format or guide so you get all of the things you want
  20. Monster Jam University

    Awesome track, see through trees dont bother me too much, but anyway good work. Its good to see a collidable font flip ramp as well. Attention to detail is all there, great work!