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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 49

    Is that a stunt truck I see?
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 49

    Beautiful ?
  3. Blue Thunder 2016

    Update: front swaybars won't show up after i place them in the truck file
  4. Blue Thunder 2016

    Awesome! 10/10 and for the people wondering it does work in .4
  5. World Finals 6 (0.4+ Compatitble)

    You know that all tracks , including .37, work on .38 right
  6. now if only all the tracks had crushable cars
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 48

    So does this mean maybe the release of WF 17? Or just another troll
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 48

    Now I know this isn't a request thread but does anyone know if someone is making East Rutherford 2016
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 48

    Those things look sick!
  10. Grave Digger 32 2016

    I fixed most missing parts except the headlights won't work, other than that awesome trucks!
  11. East Rutherford 2016 Track

    An East Rutherford track hasn't been made since 2014 and I was there at this event and woud lbe a joy to pay on since it can be set us for a 6 truck jump. Thnks Track Type: racing and Freestyle Place: East Rutherford, NJ Year: 2016 Track: Replica References:
  12. Max D (Jared & Colton)

    So I got all the files to work and its great!! 10/10
  13. Max D (Jared & Colton)

    Anyone know the name of the sponsor plate? mines white
  14. Max D (Jared & Colton)

    im missing alot of stuff in my trucks, but looks great!!
  15. Mt Pleasant 2015

    maybe a little scaling could be used and some stands added to the one side, other than that great track!!
  16. World Finals XVII Military Encore Pack

    i want to say this is perfect, and it is so close to that. The trucks had no tires and a couple of missing parts. Once I got that sorted out, they were great! A little shaky but good job!!
  17. Soldier Fortune Black Ops

    Do u know what the sound script is called
  18. Soldier Fortune Black Ops

    no sound, but besides that great truck!
  19. Gravedigger 25 & 31 WF17

    check dm plz
  20. Gravedigger 25 & 31 WF17

    i copy and pasted and its still white. its the part of the shock that holds all the fluid and air pressure, the bigger part
  21. Gravedigger 25 & 31 WF17

    What files should I put into the is truck so the shocks aren't white?
  22. Gravedigger 25 & 31 WF17

  23. Gravedigger 25 & 31 WF17

    what is the missing shock texture called?
  24. Gravedigger 25 & 31 WF17

    some white shock package textures
  25. Max-D Red 2016

    First GMG now this!! Great truck!