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  1. monsterjam16'

    Maximum Destruction Kane 2015 WF 16

    the front and back drive line things are white
  2. monsterjam16'

    King Krunch 2016

  3. monsterjam16'

    Son Uva Digger 2016

  4. monsterjam16'

    Son Uva Digger 2016

    mine wont let me select glow
  5. monsterjam16'

    VP Mad Scientist

    The one weekend I don't have my computer... Looks kickass though!! ??
  6. monsterjam16'

    Oakland 2015 (.0.4.+ Compatible)

    Is it me , or are the jumps too small on this track? Not to criticize anyone's work here just asking a question
  7. monsterjam16'

    Crusader 2016

    does anyone else have the problem where the white shocks are between the actual shock shaft so the white shows?
  8. monsterjam16'

    WF 17 Racing & FS

    yeah i agree
  9. monsterjam16'

    WF 17 Racing & FS

  10. monsterjam16'

    WF 17 Racing & FS

    Track looks great!! I think I'm going to wait too for the finished product with the stadium and dirt shading. But looks great so far!!
  11. monsterjam16'

    Grave Digger XXX (30) 2016

    Once I got it to work, 10/10 AMAZING TRUCK!!
  12. monsterjam16'

    Grave Digger XXX (30) 2016

    cant wait to try it!! looks BEAUTIFUL in the pics, for the headlights is it "N" like usual?
  13. monsterjam16'

    Grave Digger XXX (30) 2016

    "File Blocked for Violation"
  14. monsterjam16'

    Ace Of Spades

    works perfectly on .38
  15. monsterjam16'

    Can Am X-Team SMRA 2016 (0.4)

    new favorite truck!! Love the tribute to DMillican
  16. monsterjam16'

    Avenger WFXVI

  17. monsterjam16'

    Gravedigger 28 2015

    i dont have that issue so i cant figure it out, Sorry i cant help.
  18. monsterjam16'

    Gravedigger 28 2015

    I don't have that problem
  19. monsterjam16'

    Gravedigger 28 2015

    Awesome!! I use 0.38.67 and there are no problems!!
  20. monsterjam16'

    NEA & DoomsDay 2015

    thanks for the tips!! these are my two new favorite trucks
  21. monsterjam16'

    Madusa 2015 & Madusa WFXVI

    if you have .38 it wont work even if you do the trick above, however, the trucks look great!!
  22. monsterjam16'

    #MoreMonsterJam NEA & Rottweiler

    awesome trucks! mine works on . 38 with n probem. does anyone know the name of the sound files
  23. monsterjam16'

    #MoreMonsterJam NEA & Rottweiler

    looks great!! Cant wait to try it out
  24. monsterjam16'

    Mark Colineri's Realistic Settings Update

    do we jest add this to our pack folder?
  25. monsterjam16'

    Carolina Crusher 2015

    tires don't show up on mine *