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  1. Mark Colineri's Realistic Settings Update

    do we jest add this to our pack folder?
  2. Carolina Crusher 2015

    tires don't show up on mine *
  3. Carolina Crusher 2015

    show up on mine
  4. Gravedigger 24 2015

    were did u find ShockShaftMAC.mesh ?
  5. Grave Digger 23 2015

    it say im missing silverhydroram.mesh but when I put it in the truck it still says im missing it
  6. Grave Digger The Legend 2015

    thanks for the update!! Looks awesome
  7. Track Request: POD 2015

    (Track) East Rutherfurd, NJ Racing and Freestyle, Front Flip ramp would be amazing but not needed. Replica Date Ran: June 13, 2015 Track can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylvXmANp1AA
  8. Grave Digger The Legend 2015

    great truck except for the white sway bar
  9. Grave Digger The Legend 2015

    crashes the game when I open it
  10. Monster Energy 2015

    how do u get to managed materials?
  11. Grave Digger 23 2015

    can I get a link to this pack?
  12. Mohawk Warrior 2015

    does this work with .38?
  13. Avenger 2015

    do u put this in the packs folder? im new at this
  14. Heavy Hitter & River Rat 2015

    so how do u edit the truck if something is missing?
  15. Grave Digger 30 2015

    can u post a link to the missing parts?
  16. Iron Outlaw 2014

    does this count as a pack or should I put it in the vehicles section
  17. Sim-Monsters V4 (0.38 Compatible)

    When u create a folder and put the pack in it, then do u put that in the packs part of ror?