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  1. 1 hour ago, Garrett Hanson said:

    first of all, great job on the track!!!!

    1 hour ago, Flaming Phoenix said:

    Yeah thats happening to me too so seems like its not yet converted its okay tho so i guess well just wait a bit longer Peace Out B)


    doesn't work for 0.4

    This worked for me

  2. World Finals 17

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    27 minutes ago, Hornetguy97 said:

    i did it directly in the zip and it didnt work. truck is still pink and the track has no light what-so-ever.

    drag the zip out of the "terrain" folder the hit save an play. Then exit and put the zip back in the "terrain" folder. then re open ror and try that

  3. World Finals 17

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    57 minutes ago, Garrett Hanson said:

    great track, but it makes the trucks have pinkish textures when driving on them.


    46 minutes ago, Sonuvadiggerrocks said:

    great track and i love the new pink maxd it comes with.

    you can solve this by going into the .tobj file and deleting the "Skydome" line. This will remove the "night sky" but will remove the weird coloring of the trucks. once u deleted the line, re save it to your desktop then copying and REPLACING it in the zip

  4. Crossed Out 2016

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    2 hours ago, kadenallen7 said:

    i like it a lot because the truck is painted beautiful. i have one question why did you chose to do red or blue tires?


    I thought it would be cool to do something different like that since it was a custom