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  1. 3 hours ago, Wave said:

    @monsterjam16' Where can I find GDCustom-spec?  That's my only issue as well.


    54 minutes ago, MonsterJam4Lyfe said:

    Where did you find GDCustom-spec.png? I can't find it in OverBored (Which uses the same thing, and that works weirdly enough) nor Bad Company.



    I just renamed another -spec.png, if you want me to I can just pm you guys with the file

  2. 3 hours ago, MonsterJam4Lyfe said:

    I got everything else working, but how exactly would one fix the white lexan .png's. I'm using 4.6, so it atleast works period. Its not a big problem, just curious. I used the parts in the .truck files of OverBoard2017Pack and BadCompany2017 (I'm pretty sure both of Chazzy's trucks) and I simply couldn't get them working. Everything else is perfect, I'm simply curious...

    Same thing happened to me, make sure GDCustom-spec.png is in there, that solved it for me

  3. New Orleans 2018

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    10 minutes ago, NtheDiggerfan said:

    still doesn't work


    It would be more helpful to say how it doesn’t work (doesn’t show up in game, crashes, stadium doesn’t show up) etc. rather than saying just , “it doesn’t work”

  4. this track is an absolute joy to play on and I love the variety of hits possible. Idk why feld hasnt hired you as a track designer... yet. 10/10 would recommend. Great work man !!


    For anyone wondering above.. this track IS .4 compatible

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  5. Alien Invasion 2016-2017

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    So i thought something seemed off from what is in the pictures and what loads ingame. There are a few problems that shouldn't even be an issue, as its too simple. 1. There is missing body detail on the sides (dont know if im missing a png or something.) and 2. The logo on the side in the featured screenshot isn't even the right one compared to my screenshot. Here:


    these problems shouldn't be problems...

  6. Overall great track and is a ton of fun to play on. I dont have the absolute BEST computer and i dont have the top of the line ones, so I got somewhere from 40-60 fps which is perfectly fine. Im not a blender wizard but what you guys were talking about above might help with Vegas... I know it might be a pain to "redo" racing or whatever but if it can be done somewhat easily and is not time consuming, it might be worth it to fix the "verts" im hearing about, for those with lesser computers.

    Also another thing ive found with this track is that the stadium (crowd, top of banners, etc. Although this does not include the floor of the "pits" in the back.) have that glue like property. Meaning, if you touch your truck anywhere on the side it will get stuck. I can try to mess around with the .odef file but its just a word of warning. Overall its a joy to play on, and i love to see your progress over time.

  7. 1 hour ago, Garrett Hanson said:

    first of all, great job on the track!!!!

    1 hour ago, Flaming Phoenix said:

    Yeah thats happening to me too so seems like its not yet converted its okay tho so i guess well just wait a bit longer Peace Out B)


    doesn't work for 0.4

    This worked for me