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  1. 1 hour ago, Chazzymp said:

    Making some attempts to make my screenshots for syp to not be so ass like my old ones. So why not test out some screenshots with projects I've touched up with recently.

    Projects are looking nice! Might want to put some updated props on nitro. earth shaker has a small chrome bar connecting the black bar to the rest of the body, might want to include that. Just a heads up it would be nice to have a pic of the whole truck in case more changes needed to be made

  2. 9 minutes ago, LordFrosting said:

    It's the game loading files/textures before hand to creating an inventory of loaded mods. If certain textures or files overlap and mess with each other, regen cache or clear cache allows the game to create a new cache to incorporate new mods, textures, etc.

    so is it recommended to clear the cache or does it have no effect to never clear or regen cache

  3. Just was wondering what exactly cache is. I see the the configurator that there is the "Regen Cache" and "Clear Cache" function. I didn't know if hitting either of these buttons would impact my games performance or just effect the amount of space the game takes up. 


  4. I like to start my run with a big opening jump, from there its more calm and conservative. Towards the middle i like to try  stoppie/moonwalk. If all goes my way ill pull out a nice over the hood save, although I dont like hack saves or totally unrealistic saves. If I roll it over early and i know i can hacksave ill leave it be as i like to make it as realistic a possible. Towards the end I'll throw in a backflip right into some big air. From then on I just hit the biggest and best jumps, all while trying to keep it realistic.

  5. 8 hours ago, rockgod88 said:

    Pending approval

    Last detail, if you find it get a cookie

    Shortened the WB on the older PEIbetter?


    Awesome detail with the bump stops and limiting straps! I've been waiting for those for a while and I think it adds the final "realistic " touch. Well done!

  6. 4 minutes ago, erhminer said:

    Something I've been working on I know its meh but still fun to drive on. -- Release coming soon!

    Instead of something being "meh" and releasing it , I recommend working on it to be the best it can be. Releasing a fully finished product will gain a lot more for you than that average project. It may take longer but it is sure worth the work. Just my two cents.

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  7. 34 minutes ago, MarcosCManny said:

    Give me description please. Does it get errors? 

    Ok, so no one has downloaded it because it hasn't been released (rockgodds mulisha) therefore no one knows if there are texture or mesh issues. Everyone's version of the software is different so what work on his might or might not work on yours. Just be patient and check it out when it is up for download, then you can see what needs a be fixed (if anything) 

  8. 4 hours ago, Swegliner849 said:



    Might just be the picture quality but the bodies, especially wf 18, look very grainy and not well put on. There's a lot of sharp white corners with the lettering. Improving the quality of the decals themselves would also help, such as hand painting . Other than that, great work so far

  9. On 3/3/2017 at 7:51 PM, ShawnVallance said:

    I'll tell you how I do that. Basically, I make sure my FSAA is all the way up (4 on my side, since I just have a 2011 ASUS K53E laptop, and sadly the integrated graphics card on this thing sucks badly compared to modern day graphic cards), then I spawn both the truck I want to take a picture of, as well as a vehicle that has a pitched inner camera (in this case, the stripped Gavril Bandit), and after I get the right angle set up, I move the camera to where I want the pic. After that, I floor it and time the snapshot just right, then the pic goes into Paint.NET, where I use the "Lasso Select" tool to copy the truck, set it on another layer, and then erase whatever is surrounding it. Finally, I blur the background and put the two layers together, as well as adding a little glow to make the picture all neat. :)

    whats the purpose of the vehicle that has a pitched inner camera if your going to change the camera anyway? Or even spawning a vehicle like that?

  10. 8 hours ago, Hagan Moskau said:

    OK, that would be nice! Also:

    Right color green on rims; Check! Positioning the shocks (Blaise did it); Check! 4-links are perfectly positioned (Blaise did it); Check! New shock set up (Blake Thompson did it); Check!

    We got word that the paint is almost done!

    Also, should I make a 2016 version of it?


    Looking good! Like someone said previously, the small MJ logo in the back is the grey version , not yellow. Also i believe Coty has more silver headers rather than a grey ish like you have on there now

  11. 8 hours ago, Jackattack29 said:

    Some new trucks ive been working on.

    Still alot left to do on these trucks until ready for release, Credit to sdtv33 for the paints and gdfan14 for help with the storm damage. Also credit to kozak for the barbarian and big kahuna chassis.

    Looking good, alot of prop placement is needed for big kahuna, and the tiki head looks somewhat smooshed to one sideBigKahuna16_02.jpg

    it also needs new headers, swaybars, and shocks