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  1. 25 minutes ago, Garrett Hanson said:

    1: the radiatiors are default size so IDK why ur saying there "oversized"
    2: I didn't notice that after exporting

    You can always just scale it down to fit your truck, you said it’s somewhat of a custom so it doesn’t have to match real life 100%

  2. 2 hours ago, xXMAXDBOYXx said:

    Made something i've been wanting to make for a while will release when I get it cloned

    I’d suggest changing the chassis to fit your needs. It’s obvious that it’s the gas monkey truck with custom props which is cool and stuff, but if you want a really good custom truck, I’d start from the ground up. If it helps I have this chassis with Fern’s updated props in blender and can do what you want with it. Just shoot me a pm and I can do chassis/blender work and get you a baked body while I’m at it.

  3. 4 minutes ago, MonsterJamThetourMaster said:

    I’m confused is this track coming out or something or is this one of those send out tracks where you just send the track to different people and not make it public 

    The actual maker is re-publishing the original file. I just sent him the new zip with .4 files. Hope this helps

  4. 1 minute ago, Medalwarrior215 said:

    So I downloaded your file and saw it wasn’t .4 so I converted it and now it’s pending approval I don’t know what to do if your gonna do something about?

    I converted it to .4, I had messaged him and he’s gonna update the file . I would take down yours just so we don’t have two of the same. He’s also fixing the weird banner glitch some people might having.

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  5. 10 hours ago, ShawnVallance said:

    Well, besides the default V4 folder, I have the zipped vehicles placed inside of that. I'm not sure if that should be the way to do it, but I found that doing that in 0.39 lead to them loading up perfectly fine and whatnot.

    If that works for you then go for it, what I do is put the v4 pack in the packs folder and then the other truck zips in the vehicles folder. I load a smv4 truck then load whatever your want, this ensures that my truck doesn’t crash the game and “loads” correctly. Now some zips obviously won’t have all the textures and whatnot so I just go back and place the files into whatever your trying to fix. Only (minor) issue is that if you have a mesh or png or something with the same name in a new truck as in an smv4 truck, it will override whatever your trying to load as the second truck. But again, it’s whatever works for you

  6. 2 hours ago, Chazzymp said:


    But as fun as making paints are so far, I'd really like to expand out more and learn to put together trucks, If anyone would like to give me tips or hell even let me watch you put together a truck, Id appreciate it a bunch. Long post Over.

    The firestorms DEFINITELY look better but there are some minor things that should be fixed (especially on the Vegas one) . I can PM you pics if you want so you can get the best possible truck. Also it might just be me but on the “hydraulics” on ES body should be silver at the end, rather than just all black. Also ES use black limit straps, not yellow

  7. I use both .38 and .4 so I can see both sides here. I keep my truck and terrain files in their own zips s nothing overlaps. As for black texturing, ive never really had a problem with that as long as I have the -spec files. As far as i know, the only issue ive had recently is the Fuel and Power pump box being black (minor issue). For my opinion, Id stick with the .material files. Also if you ever need anything tested in .4 to make sure everything goes as (textured) id be happy to help. 

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  8. 22 hours ago, Chris B said:

    I don't think I'm ever gonna be content with how it looks. Added skyline and stuff to spruce things up, will be pushed back in game (right now it's just that close because the depth on Blender is gay). Any suggestions of cool details to add? I'm open. Probably gonna mess around with things for another week and then export.

    If you make the vendor people selling the churros I’ll write you a poem

  9. 1 hour ago, Chazzymp said:

    Making some attempts to make my screenshots for syp to not be so ass like my old ones. So why not test out some screenshots with projects I've touched up with recently.

    Projects are looking nice! Might want to put some updated props on nitro. earth shaker has a small chrome bar connecting the black bar to the rest of the body, might want to include that. Just a heads up it would be nice to have a pic of the whole truck in case more changes needed to be made

  10. 9 minutes ago, LordFrosting said:

    It's the game loading files/textures before hand to creating an inventory of loaded mods. If certain textures or files overlap and mess with each other, regen cache or clear cache allows the game to create a new cache to incorporate new mods, textures, etc.

    so is it recommended to clear the cache or does it have no effect to never clear or regen cache

  11. Just was wondering what exactly cache is. I see the the configurator that there is the "Regen Cache" and "Clear Cache" function. I didn't know if hitting either of these buttons would impact my games performance or just effect the amount of space the game takes up. 


  12. I like to start my run with a big opening jump, from there its more calm and conservative. Towards the middle i like to try  stoppie/moonwalk. If all goes my way ill pull out a nice over the hood save, although I dont like hack saves or totally unrealistic saves. If I roll it over early and i know i can hacksave ill leave it be as i like to make it as realistic a possible. Towards the end I'll throw in a backflip right into some big air. From then on I just hit the biggest and best jumps, all while trying to keep it realistic.

  13. 8 hours ago, rockgod88 said:

    Pending approval

    Last detail, if you find it get a cookie

    Shortened the WB on the older PEIbetter?


    Awesome detail with the bump stops and limiting straps! I've been waiting for those for a while and I think it adds the final "realistic " touch. Well done!