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  1. legostarwars

    Slam Dunk 2018

    spawns without body
  2. legostarwars


    didnt work for me. missing MonsterStart.wav edit, missing a lot more than that
  3. my body is missing for both trucks
  4. not a standalone, didnt work for me, missing a lot of things
  5. i had .38, but i wanted to go to .37 because i had heard great things, but no .38 had the vehicles folders, nor the terrain or and of the config or cache folders.
  6. when i put my cars in the vehicles folder and the maps in the terrains, nothing shows up But when i did get it to work i spawn a vehicle and everything is grey and rainbow colored.
  7. it works for me, but the truck tips to easily for me
  8. how is the team meents going? i cant wait for it, i have goldberg and i really want all of them. best of luck to you

  9. ok could you do a tutorial on how to use blender because I don't know any of the controls
  10. for Dalton *cries over death of a great driver*
  11. please help me it doesn't let me do step 3
  12. legostarwars


    the zombie with arms doesn't work
  13. it says that the 2013 axel mesh is missing
  14. awesome work I wish I could get the back flip to work
  15. get on guys make fully breakable
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