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  1. aidyn

    Jester WFXX

    very nice, i like!!
  2. Oh, wow. And if it's a custom I would remove the am pm containers because they don't have any stores in the northern New England area except for one way South in cape cod.
  3. Try putting this in you'er particle folder #BGTRMCgwazi2020 http://www.mediafire.com/file/0tny4gmjvf6trfu/ice.particle/file
  4. Fixed it! i didn't realize that there was a ice particle file.
  5. Ok, i'll try to find some thing.
  6. may I ask why ice dragon doesn't work? when i go to spawn it the game just crashes. No error message pops up either.
  7. Can you give us a estimate on when this will be on Sim-Monsters?
  8. Would be awesome if you could convert the Mud Masters Motorsport park.
  9. Could you convert tampa 2019 to 0.37?
  10. The trucks that have BKT tire's they don't have textures the tire's are just black, can eny one help me with this.
  11. aidyn

    Max-D pack 2016

    the red truck is black for me
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