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  1. SMRA Season 4 World Finals Feb 10th 2018

    I had an awesome time all season long meeting new people and improving my driving but my fav part was just the nice relaxed environment of west tour. just like my teammate sean I didn't think I was going to do as well as I did and was super happy to make it to world finals, even though it was bitter sweet, I did better than I thought but its kind of sad that I have to wait a year to have the fun we all did. I cant wait till next season me and sean in the same series gona try to dominate.
  2. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    In the works this will be my ride rormtc for my 2000s truck its based on the wf3 2002 gunslinger
  3. Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Sign - ups

    Name: Shane roediger I'd hope u know it by now Discord: Carkiller458#4965 80's Truck: gunslinger 90's/00's Truck: gunslinger ull have the links when I'm done making them
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Weres dem grip alls?
  5. Monster Mutt 2017

    I know zmans doesn't make stuff anymore but really taking his work and taking cred for it that's messed up
  6. SMRA East Tour S4 R1: December 1st, 2017

    My team has the truck links I will. Not b there
  7. Season 4 Tour Lineups!

    also I kyle k on our team should be on west hes touring with david k
  8. Season 4 Tour Lineups!

    I'll be competing Fridays
  9. Got a Question about SMRA? Ask Here!

    what day will be east and what day will be west?
  10. Season 4 Sign Up (CLOSED)

    Have You Participated in SMRA Prior to this Season?: No Name: Shane Roediger Hometown: Center Point Iowa Preferred Event Day: TBA Truck Name: Falken Tires MT Truck Download Link: TBA If Team Team Name: High Velocity Racing Shop Location: Center Point, Iowa Captain: Shane Roediger Budget: $40,000 Members: Shane Roediger, Sean Ryan, Kyle Knickerbocker, David Karlson Touring Partners/Groups: TBA
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Coming to a fun tour event near you
  12. October 1st - Fun Run @ Syracuse, New York ~ 2017

    Shane Carkiller Avenger 20th
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    For el paso i used dirt 5 and idsay itlooks pretty good
  14. [TRACK] Royal Farms Arena 2013

    I think I can handle this
  15. Doctor Destruction

    what even is this u cloned a v4. and where r ur credits. please try harder.