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  1. Well this is a nice birthday present
    you took an amazing truck and u gave us a truck this shouldnt even be driven its so amazing. You more than exceed my expectations. amazing work as always.
  2. The hype is real #rorftcooming soon
  3. also for the next pack it would be much easier to upload them in a big zip with the other zips in it. that way u only have to upload once and we only have to download one thing. other than that thanks for converting tracks
  4. carkiller458

    Sugar Rush

    i just wana know y its as tall as most back flip ramps, not being mean just wondering
  5. Driver: Shane Roediger Truck: Generial Mayhem Discord: carkiller458 #4965 Hometown: Warren, MI Link: TBA Song: TBA
  6. I think it would look really cool on a newer f 150 bodie but just an idea
  7. it would be nice if it worked for all versions at least .4 and .3 I really wanted to use it but oh well, in the future just a recommendation give it too a few close friends or people that you can trust so they can try it out on all versions and that way you can make sure when you post it there's no complaints about it not working for a certain version
  8. I had an awesome time all season long meeting new people and improving my driving but my fav part was just the nice relaxed environment of west tour. just like my teammate sean I didn't think I was going to do as well as I did and was super happy to make it to world finals, even though it was bitter sweet, I did better than I thought but its kind of sad that I have to wait a year to have the fun we all did. I cant wait till next season me and sean in the same series gona try to dominate.
  9. In the works this will be my ride rormtc for my 2000s truck its based on the wf3 2002 gunslinger
  10. Name: Shane roediger I'd hope u know it by now Discord: Carkiller458#4965 80's Truck: gunslinger 90's/00's Truck: gunslinger ull have the links when I'm done making them
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