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  1. GraveDiggerFan1

    Max D (Jared & Colton)

    I'm glad my name is colton too!
  2. GraveDiggerFan1

    Grave Digger XXXII (32) 2016

    Great truck, keep it up, can you make the orange grave digger that they used in WF 17 please
  3. GraveDiggerFan1

    Grave Digger 31 2016 Season & WF

    Great trucks, can you please make the orange grave digger that was used in this year's WF please
  4. GraveDiggerFan1

    Fresno 2012 (Remake)

    Does the background come with the track or did you customize it.
  5. GraveDiggerFan1

    World Finals XI

    The Link just goes to the escapist magazine website
  6. GraveDiggerFan1

    Grave Digger XXIX (29) 2016

    What map is in the image? I wanna know?
  7. GraveDiggerFan1

    Mark Colineri's Realistic Settings Update

    I would Give it a 10/10 for the trucks keep up the awesome work
  8. GraveDiggerFan1

    Gravedigger 19

    THE VIDEO DOES NOT HELP AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!