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  1. MonsterJamHighlights

    Bounty Hunter BKT's

    really? i got my hope up that theres new stuff but nope you just added bkts we can do that
  2. MonsterJamHighlights

    Bounty Hunter BKT's

    meh i can add my own
  3. thanks man btw this is james


  4. MonsterJamHighlights

    SMFM El Paso 2015

    it didnt work can you send me your file you have in your game to my email: jamesperez26@yahoo.com
  5. MonsterJamHighlights

    El Paso,Texas 2015 track

    Name: El Paso,TX 2015 Venue: Sun Bowl Stadium Racing Style: Chicago style racing Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: March 7-8 , 2015
  6. MonsterJamHighlights

    Zombie Hunter

    awesome truck I love it and if people download this they would know its actually zombie hunter its like don't judge a book by its cover
  7. MonsterJamHighlights

    Salinas 2015

    Can you please make a El Paso Texas 2015 track please that would be awesome btw you make amazing tracks that's why I'm asking you.
  8. MonsterJamHighlights

    MRoR World Finals 4 Double Backflip Encore

    I did a double backflip with my costume max-d.