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  1. Show Your Arguments Chapter 47

    No one should call someone a douchebag. Also, Calling someone a douchebag is being a good citizen? I do not think so.
  2. Show Your Arguments Chapter 47

    Do not call someone a "douchebag." That is not nice. Btw I am not reading any replies because we all know they will be total bs.
  3. Im new to RoR

  4. BASIC Truck making tuturial!

    It says it contained copyrighted music so it was blocked in the US.
  5. 0.37 error message

    He would not be able to. SMRA is the only league with an owner brave enough to run the highly superior, stable, and newest version of ROR.
  6. 0.37 error message

    Get 4.5.1 not .37 https://github.com/RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods/releases/tag/
  7. Show Your Arguments Chapter 47

    Of course! Just touch op those few things you mentioned.
  8. Quad Chaos

  9. I have a update!

    He made Dragon. Though it does not have correct parts he modeled the body.
  10. Warnings

    I know you have a life. Why does no one believe I was being sarcastic and making a joke?!? And I never got an answer of how many warnings for ban.
  11. Warnings

    I just got warned by DannyMackey for making a joke... How many warnings is it before I get banned? Beware, Don't type too much or you will get a warning for spamming.
  12. Show Your Arguments Chapter 47

    Have you made any progress on WF16 since your last update on here?
  13. What up everybody

  14. SMRA Reno 2016

    Really good.
  15. SPJester MT Server IP and port?

    Anyone have it for .4? The servers are down so I have to input it manually.