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  1. Hello, everyone. I'm Carnage, my friends call me Adrian if you prefer that. I'm from the Roblox Monster Jam community but I figured I'd start to dip my toes into Rigs of Rods. I want to get better at making trucks because as of right now I only know the basics of cloning and stuff, that's about it. My favorite driver is Todd LeDuc as well as my favorite truck being Monster Energy.
  2. Only the stunt truck works in the pack, I've tried everything and it's not working. It doesn't appear that I'm missing the MaxDCoilNitrogenShaft.mesh, I'm on .37. Any ideas?
  3. Monster Jam has recently trademarked the name "Whiplash" This is probably a new truck.
  4. Hey man at least you tried, most people at your age don't know how to paint or anything like that at all.
  5. Whenever I see this truck I always think of Stan Kingzton...
  6. The Direct3D9 rendering system isn't an option for me.
  7. Anyone who tries to tell someone else how to think and how to act. SJW's, Feminazi's, etc. And then if you disagree with them they don't let any new information enter their brain. It's a lose-lose situation where you're always wrong and it pisses me off.
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