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  1. Irishbulldog422

    9/17/18 Gaithersburg 2017

    Because you kept spawning in trucks in the middle of a race, yeah you did get kicked, now please stop messaging me as ive explained what youve done multiple times
  2. Irishbulldog422

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Happy to see Kristin Hope got a spot in the TTS East! What are everyones thoughts on this fire and ice stuff? Also noted that cam currently does not have a truck and Linsey also currently has no truck
  3. Irishbulldog422

    9/17/18 Gaithersburg 2017

    Last week was an explosive return as we Jon Zimmer sweep the event with some of the tightest passes we have seen all year in racing. In freestyle the door was left wide open for Jon to win as no one had managed to have a good run. This week we head to the small track of Gaithersburg 2017 where 8 of the best truck will battle out! Will Jon be able to retain his newfound points lead or can Sean sweep it from him find out tomorrow! Track Link Qualifying Opens at 6pm EST Closes at 7pm EST Event Event Starts at 7pm EST Discord Link https://discord.gg/GrCWgm See you at the event!
  4. Irishbulldog422

    ~Sign Ups~

    Did you look at the Doc...Blue Thunder is taken. look at the doc and find something open
  5. Irishbulldog422

    9/10/18 Event 7 Miami 2015

    As the season gets closer to the end points are are tightening up even more with your points leader Matthew Tyrrell continues to be your points leader with only a 8 point lead over Sean Ryan! Last week we the triumphant return of Jon Zimmer wheeling the Pirates Curse truck back into victory lane taking home a racing win edging out Zach Steele in a really close race! In freestyle it was a heated battle as competitors gave it there all. In the end we saw Jon Zimmer come away with the win and Double Down in his return to competition! Tonight we travel to Miami, Florida as Matthew and Sean continue the battle for points lead. Track Link Qualifying Opens at 6pm EST Closes at 7pm EST Event Event Starts at 7pm EST Discord Link https://discord.gg/JqqxcU See you at the event!
  6. Irishbulldog422

    ~Sign Ups~

    and your discord??
  7. Irishbulldog422

    ~Sign Ups~

    all good man no worries
  8. Irishbulldog422

    ~Sign Ups~

    prefer real name so i can keep track of things better.
  9. Irishbulldog422

    [TRUCK] Blue Thunder 2007

    there are many on here and youtube showing how to do so, you have a piss poor excuse. all it takes is a little effort and a free application called paint.net, heres a link on how to paint trucks This is how i learned, just take your time and practice
  10. Irishbulldog422

    [TRUCK] Blue Thunder 2007

    so try it yourself? there is already a PEI pack with plenty of Blue Thunders in them, if you want to be that nit picky try to make something,
  11. Irishbulldog422

    Over Bored & Miss Over Bored 2018

    Cool stuff my guy! I imagine alot more cool stuff coming from you in the near future, also 5 stars for proper credits to people lol
  12. Irishbulldog422

    Grave Digger XIV

    Fantastic job Rocco, The effort and time put into this project really shows with how it came out! defiantly deserving of five stars without a doubt!
  13. Irishbulldog422

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Im very impressed man! Everything looks pretty good on the trucks! Cant wait to see what you come up with in the future!!
  14. Irishbulldog422

    Grave Digger The Legend Repli-Custom

    Look man i get your trying but...You start out saying its a replica an as soon as something in accurate it immediately becomes a rushed Repli-Custom that is rushed. I get your starting but just some food for thought
  15. Irishbulldog422

    ~Sign Ups~

    Avenger is taken by me. Thanks for trying to help but i can handle it. Be sure to look at docs when signing up so we dont have to go through this 1000 times