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  1. LOMTL2016

    .4+ Mod Help

    Only a truck and track from here.
  2. LOMTL2016

    .4+ Mod Help

    Still nothing. Should everything in the resources(where the skeleton is located) be in a zip file?
  3. LOMTL2016

    .4+ Mod Help

    Hello All, I've been out of the ROR game for over a year now, so recently I decided to download the newest version(.4.7.0), but, I can't figure out how to mod it at all. I put a truck in the vehicles folder but then when I load the game it doesn't pop up, same with tracks in the terrain folder. Can anyone refresh me on what on earth I am doing wrong? I thought I did everything right? Thanks, Alex
  4. LOMTL2016

    Issue With 0.4.6

    Hello everybody, I have been absent from ROR for a long while, and since I started getting back into it, II thought I might as well upgrade from .37 to the newer version. Problem is, I downloaded the one off of this site, but the area where the skeleton is is all WinRAR files, do I just unzip them and then put my trucks and tracks in there? I'm kind of confused on what to do and don't want to break my ROR.
  5. LOMTL2016

    Monster Jam University

    Question, does it have a working Front Flip ramp?
  6. LOMTL2016

    Music thread

    Gotta love some good old Scorpions.
  7. LOMTL2016

    How to Paint Trucks?

    Okay, one more question. How do I get the templates for the trucks? @Captain Potato
  8. LOMTL2016

    How to Paint Trucks?

    Hi All, I just wanted to know if anyone on here that is at least decent at painting trucks could teach me the ways. I have some cool V4 repaint ideas. And I could use them because my computer lags with multiple trucks spawned unless their V4. So if anyone could help that would be amazing! Thanks in advance.
  9. LOMTL2016

    Show Your Projects Chapter 51

    Hmmmmm... You have me curious.
  10. LOMTL2016

    38 Not Working Properly?

    Hi All, I recently downloaded ROR .38 so I can spawn multiple trucks at once. But no matter what I do, the skeleton folders won't show up in the game files. Which means, I can't get trucks and tracks. Anyone know an answer to this problem?
  11. LOMTL2016

    Best "Non-Monster Jam" Event You've Been To?

    4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals at Bloomsburg. 2010 and 2015.
  12. LOMTL2016

    Normal Cars for .37????

    Hello All, As stated, I'm looking for some normal car mods for .37 ROR. After tons of google searching, I just can't find any. If anyone has a good website that would be amazingly helpful. Thanks in advance, Alex OUT
  13. LOMTL2016

    Show Your Projects Chapter 49

    Ok, so sorry if this is a stupid question. But what is AIM? I keep seeing it mentioned and I've never heard of it.
  14. LOMTL2016

    Dimmsdale Dimmadome

  15. LOMTL2016

    Show Your Projects Chapter 49

    So, I've arrived on the truck making scene. Expect pictures of some of my custom concepts in the upcoming weeks.