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  1. Xglx-Gamer

    Grave Digger XX pack

    white parts
  2. Xglx-Gamer

    Over Bored

    file invalid
  3. Xglx-Gamer

    Iron Outlaw 2014

    missing BHJC2014ShockShafts.mesh
  4. Xglx-Gamer

    IZOD Center 2015

    where did you get that crushstation from
  5. Xglx-Gamer

    Gravedigger 25 & 31 WF17

    There are still no shocks on mine
  6. Xglx-Gamer

    VP Mad Scientist

    The shocks don't appear for me on all of your trucks in 0.38
  7. Xglx-Gamer

    Carolina Crusher 2015

    when I spawn in the truck there are no tires how do I fix that?
  8. Xglx-Gamer

    Baltimore Arena 2014

    or make it so we can actually get onto the map
  9. Xglx-Gamer

    Baltimore Arena 2014

    can you redo this for 2015 and 2016 plz
  10. Xglx-Gamer

    Baltimore Arena 2014

    Um every time I get onto the track and select it in the menu it says tern not supported so is there anything I can do to fix that and make it so it is playable
  11. Xglx-Gamer

    Monster Energy 2015

  12. Xglx-Gamer

    Monster Energy 2015

    how do you put these onto the folder and also anytime I download a new truck certain parts always end up white. Is their something I can do to fix that
  13. Xglx-Gamer


    it says I'm missing GDswaybar.mesh
  14. Xglx-Gamer

    Monster Energy 2015

    parts on all three trucks end up white is there something to fix that