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  1. Anyone out there want to build tracks for a tour coming up?
  2. You could probably put it on the new el toro loco truck that just came out
  3. the bodies are not showing up
  4. Does anyone have the controller mapping for xbox one or 360 controllers?
  5. I just got a new pc and I started to question the windows or tabs that popped up with ads of random things whenever I click the download button for a truck or track. I need to know if anyone has had any problems after installing a lot of mods. Just trying to be really careful with these downloads.
  6. Nemo Fade

    ror updates

    i think it is only for .37, it doesnt work for .38 if thats what youre using.
  7. Nemo Fade

    ror updates

    no way!! thank u so much. ill play when i get the chance to.
  8. Nemo Fade

    ror updates

    do the servers not work?
  9. it keeps crashing my game, can you tell me how to fix?
  10. are you guys still accepting?


  11. name: Tommy Varilone Game name: manhog26 Truck: Metal Mulisha 2015
  12. dude, i totally forgot about my account, i dont even know if you still use this

  13. am i allowed to be a driver? or is it too late. and do i need what version of RoR
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