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    PS4 Controller for ROR

    So i was wondering if it was possible to make a input map for the PS4 controller. ive been wanting to use my controller for ROR but i dont have xbox and the ps3 controller wasnt working. so if someone could teach me how to make the input map for the PS4 controller that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. savageracer21

    STS Sign-Ups (Open 6/6/18 @ 9:00 P.M. EST)

    Angel Ramirez savageracer21 #7111 Black Pearl http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/2879-team-overbored-pack/
  3. savageracer21

    King Pin

  4. savageracer21

    USA Firestarter

    looks amazing cant wait to try it out
  5. savageracer21

    Ice Cream Man 2018

  6. savageracer21

    Fire Starter

    i got a new pc right so i got 4.6 and it runned fine until i pressed 'save and play' and the game wouldnt load so i uninstalled it and reinstalled it but when i clicked 'save and play' the game was super laggy so i just switched to .39 and i dont know how to fix all the lag ;/
  7. savageracer21

    Fire Starter

    YES I WAS WAITING FOR THI- oh its only .4 compatible rip
  8. savageracer21

    Whiplash RoR STS

  9. savageracer21

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    you sir are a god
  10. savageracer21

    Team Overbored Pack

    doesnt work on .3....
  11. savageracer21

    config not working fully

    so i recently got a new computer for my birthday and i downloaded rigs of rods 0.4.6 from sim monsters but when i open the config this happens to it... anyone know a fix?
  12. savageracer21

    ROR 0.4 Tires

    So i just download ror about 1 month ago and so far all of my trucks are missing bkts. i dont know why this is happening but if you know how to fix this lmk asap. thanks
  13. savageracer21

    Earth Shaker 2017

    youre a legend
  14. savageracer21

    Earth Shaker 2017

    thankith <3
  15. savageracer21

    truck not loading in fully

    oh ok i didnt know hopefully it works after that thanks for information
  16. savageracer21

    truck not loading in fully

    when i spawn black pearl this happens. ive tried spawning overbored before spawning black pearl, putting black pearl in the overbored pack and alot of other stuff but nothing seems to work. can someone help me please?
  17. savageracer21

    New Orleans 2018 (.4 Compatible)

    awesome track i love racing on this
  18. savageracer21

    v4 breakables

    o h. thx i got it to work
  19. savageracer21

    v4 breakables

    no i mean how do i put it in. i never put stuff in it so idk how
  20. savageracer21

    v4 breakables

    wdym put it in the v4 pack!?!? @vegasfest
  21. savageracer21

    Stafford 2017 (Replica)

    cool beans!
  22. savageracer21

    How to take down a file

    i think you have to wait for a moderator/admin to take it down
  23. savageracer21

    Maximum Destruction Pack

    exactly it was made in 2014 its a 2014 pack..
  24. savageracer21

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    dont use 4.7 u scrub
  25. savageracer21

    Pirates Curse (Rummell)