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  1. Scream Machine 2018 ( Custom )

    Great job Andrew! Keep up the good work.
  2. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Oof gotta repaint the whole thing lol.
  3. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Okay I haven't made many replicas so this is my first or second one. This truck ran in the 2007 MLMT tour under David Smith. The truck was previously ran with a older paint scheme by Steve Macklyn from 2000-2002. The truck is not done and I would appreciate constructive criticism. Tell me if you like it... Yes, this is currently running on the Over Bored 2017 Chassis. I plan to have someone help me change it. If someone could could figure out the correct chassis it runs I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Could you possibly teach me how to modfy the shape of a body in blender sometime? You have my discord lol.
  5. Scooby Doo 2018 (Gordon) UPDATE

    Too bad, already happened to me lmao jk.
  6. Breakable Trucks

    I have a discord EternalyElectric#7328
  7. Breakable Trucks

    no just the detcaher_groups
  8. Monster Mutt Dalmatian 2017

    Horrible, please clone everything correctly and rename the truck... I thought this was Rottweiler since you never bothered to rename it so now you've wasted my time trying to get the actual Rottweiler.
  9. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    for soome versions the swaybars, four link bars, shocks, and knuckles do not show up. I will fix them for you and send the fixed pack to you if you'd like.
  10. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    Lmao... the rear half of the body fell off after the first jump.
  11. strengthen breakable

    This is actually a RoR version bug. Upgrade to a higher version of rigs of rods. I'd recommend or 0.37
  12. 2017 Breakable Pack Part 1

    Sorry, it's made for
  13. 2017 Breakable Pack Part 1

    Sorry, but all I can say is when I post this in the 0.4 section IT'S FOR 0.4 NOT 0.3. There is a reason...
  14. Breakable monster trucks

    Sure, discord me. @ EternalyElectric#7328
  15. Breakable monster trucks

    I can help you if you want. I just uploaded my first breakable pack with Mutant 2017, MM 2k17, and Blue Thunder 2017 breakable.