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  1. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    Lmao... the rear half of the body fell off after the first jump.
  2. strengthen breakable

    This is actually a RoR version bug. Upgrade to a higher version of rigs of rods. I'd recommend or 0.37
  3. 2017 Breakable Pack Part 1

    Sorry, it's made for
  4. 2017 Breakable Pack Part 1

    Sorry, but all I can say is when I post this in the 0.4 section IT'S FOR 0.4 NOT 0.3. There is a reason...
  5. Breakable monster trucks

    Sure, discord me. @ EternalyElectric#7328
  6. Breakable monster trucks

    I can help you if you want. I just uploaded my first breakable pack with Mutant 2017, MM 2k17, and Blue Thunder 2017 breakable.
  7. 2017 Breakable Pack Part 1



    Here it is! The 2017 Breakable Pack Part 1. Thanks to @Chazzymp for the Mutant texture and @Swegliner849 for helping me figure how to do a ton of stuff while making this pack. Credits: @Chazzymp: Textures for Mutant Todd Swegliner849: Helping me figure out how to make flexbodies and texture them correctly. Garrett Hanson: Helping me figure out how to make ride height higher on Mutant Breakable. Rockgod88: Metal Mulisha breakable and regular. This pack is based off of the 2017 Metal Mulisha pack. Me: cloning stuff and making Mutant, and Blue Thunder flexbodies. This pack includes: 2017 Monster Energy Mutant (Todd) 2017 Metal Mulisha 2017 Blue Thunder Might also include a beta version of Bigfoot 14 Chromalusion breakable. Props aren't lined up and it's still a WIP. Overall, hope you guys Enjoy! Keep an eye out for an update or an additional part 2.
  8. Mad Scientist Breakable (0.4 Compatible)

    Yes, planning on releasing it today or tomorrow if I can get permission from Chazzy to use his textures.
  9. 2015 Monster Energy (Damon) (Breakable)

    Garrett get the crap out and stop copying my stuff, we all know all you did was take the Mutant Breakable that I MADE and literally slapped a Monster Energy body on it you bet your little butt I will be releasing mine soon that actually breaks. Stop copying people and if you do at least credit me for the whole danged truck...
  10. Monster Energy Mutant (0.4 Compatiable)

    Yes but you must credit him for the paints. EDIT Also, I use 0.4 and his work for me.
  11. Monster Energy Mutant (0.4 Compatiable)

    It's @Chazzymp's paint. He already released a pack so I would take both of these down if I were you.
  12. Mad Scientist Breakable (0.4 Compatible)

    Maybe. Garrett is being a jerk so he copied me about half a year after I made it so if you're looking for a cheapshot version look for his on here. Mine should be coming soon if I can figure out how to line the props up.
  13. Mad Scientist Breakable (0.4 Compatible)

    okay. I made a breakable Monster energy Mutant and gave it to a few people. Just making sure.
  14. Mad Scientist Breakable (0.4 Compatible)

    Wait, who gave you my breakable Mutant...
  15. Mad Scientist Breakable (0.4 Compatible)

    Is this just the VP Mad Scientist png slapped onto my breakable Mutant body and chassis setup? Just wondering. Still, kudos to you and nice truck!