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    Over Bored & Black Pearl 2019 Pack

    "You're welcome for the paint." Haha, very nicely done! Keep it up!
  2. ChaoticMayhem

    Grinder BKT's

    Version 1.0.0


    Griivedigger101 requested this be made so I made it for all! Just a Grinder truck with BKT tires on it. Credits: All: Outlawed/RKM/CaseyGraves/liquidfire215/crazyman444/Roach/Justin885/Box5Diesel/squishy. Chassis: Outlawed and RKM. Textures: CaseyGraves and liquidfire215. Support: crazyman444/Roach/Justin885/Box5Diesel/squishy. Tires: John Dough. The rest: smV4 pack makers. Hope you guys enjoy and remember to like and review. (Reputation would help) Thanks and enjoy!
  3. ChaoticMayhem

    Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 2019

    Megalodon would require a whole new set of forset values and nodes and I doubt that he is very capable of handling that himself at this time . With a little practice he could though.
  4. ChaoticMayhem

    2019 Grave Digger 34 (Revamped)

    Version 1


    Well, had sufficient time on my hands so I threw together a rushed Digger since I wanted to see how one would look with new props and stuff. None of it is 100% accurate although I wasn't going for accuracy anyways. Hope that it's fun to drive around in though and enjoy! Credits: Me: Cloning and painting rims, adding Krysten's name on the door instead of Adam's for the updated paint for the normal season (Instead of the 35th Ann. Paint), Making the 3rd Gen BKTs more fps friendly for people with potato computers like me. Putting props on the (pre-modeled) chassis. Outlawed: Chassis Model/Various Props (?) Fern: Props/Miscellaneous RORSeries/Frank: I believe he is the one that did the Grave Digger 35 paint and I just added Krysten's name instead of Adam's on the door. Rockgod: Original parts from his Grave Digger 34 and most of the node beam I think. Sim Monsters Community: Anything else. One last credit goes to @ItsLyfe for helping me by testing minor node beam edits and suspension setup related changes.
  5. ChaoticMayhem

    2019 Grave Digger 34 (Revamped)

    ...May I add that you were ignorant to notice the section this truck was posted in? Not to be mean but I do believe that it's posted in "Rigs of Rods 0.4 Content"
  6. ChaoticMayhem

    2019 Grave Digger 34 (Revamped)

    Apologies, I'm still figuring out sponsor plate stuff since I've never used them before in trucks so this is the first time I've released a truck with them. Regarding the white in cab, (I just figured this out), I wasn't aware at first but thanks for pointing it out. The reason the cab lexan is white is because the .zip is missing the "wjbn.png" file. I will update ASAP.
  7. ChaoticMayhem

    2019 Grave Digger 34 (Revamped)

    So do I but unfortunately 4.8 still has the breakable physics of 4.7 where the rear wheels fall off randomly when you use rear steering and throttle simultaneously.
  8. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    I believe that (If you are going for areplica to this year's paint) that the logo is split up into different pieces. Looks good so far though!
  9. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    They look outstanding! If I have free time on my hands and if you could message me on discord I could maybe start a few new frames for both of those trucks if you're interested. My discord is Nathan Hils#7328
  10. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    If you want, I can start working on another GD14 even though there are already a few out on SM.
  11. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Haha I believe it is the old suspension setup in that picture or it might be the angle I took that screenshot at.
  12. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    A little more than a year after it was last updated... The first two trucks of the fully revamped breakable truck pack are complete with minor issues. More trucks to come soon... Further Updates Revised suspension setup for all trucks. Added two new trucks. Mutant (Todd) and I guess a kind of FELD version of Bad Company. I know that Bad Company doesn't run a CRD like this irl but someone said put it on a CRD so I did and voila. New screenies of the other two trucks currently completed
  13. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Grave who? Great job!
  14. ChaoticMayhem

    Scrapyard2018 Uncut SIRs

    View File 2018 Uncut SIRs I ain't no Ryan LaCosse. These sure as hell are NOT BKTs but instead are some SIRs that I remodeled. Thanks to Andrew Sheets (I think) for the original model out of the v4.5 tire pack. What I did was I remodeled the treads to make them thicker for my satisfaction. Free to use as long as proper credit is given. (Okay, apologies for my use of language up there, please don't hurt me.) Submitter ChaoticMayhem Submitted 09/29/2018 Category Truck Building Items  
  15. ChaoticMayhem

    Scrapyard2018 Uncut SIRs

    You can do that or if for whatever reason you were to modify them (please get my permission first) the blend file is included as well. Let me know if the texture is not in the zip. Thank you and hope this helps!
  16. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Mind sending those back to me? Dm me or I can give you my discord. They look amazing!
  17. ChaoticMayhem

    Heavily UPDATED Tire Changing/Cloning Tutorial

    I believe he meant that you would need to resize the rims in blender. If you need any further help, please dm me on discord at EternallyElectric#7328
  18. The newest version of my tire changing and cloning tutorial. I'm sorry about my voice being bad since I was tired this morning. Hope this helps all of you upcoming content makers!
  19. ChaoticMayhem

    [TRUCK] Ice El Toro Loco

    I have a very, very early version started. I will probably redo as better pics of the real one roll out. Props are incorrect (I need info on correct ones) I also still need the Monster Jam ICE Logo I'm also not sure whether it is running on a brand new CRD or if it is running on Scott Buetow's Team Hotwheels CRD so the chassis has not been built yet.
  20. ChaoticMayhem

    Need Help With Particle Error

    What is the actual problem here? What pack did this happen with. Trucks crashing the game? Game broken?
  21. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    !!WARNING!! GIANT POST! Thanks to @Chazzymp for supplying me with the paints for Bounty Hunter and Iron Outlaw. Jekyll and Hyde plus Scarlet Bandit are to come. (I have Jekyll's paint but I don't have the new Scarlet Bandit paint.) The Knucklehead paint is to date my only halfway decent paint. Some of you lucky people might have a very early beta of this pack after Gio leaked it in a few Discord servers. However, it only contains Iron Outlaw and Bounty Hunter on the old CRD. Without further ado, here is a huge bunch of progress I've made on my 2018 2Xtreme Racing Pack. 2018 Bounty Hunter (Minton) (Tires that are backwards on the indie versions are being fixed right now.) Iron Outlaw (Root) and for right now, last but not least: Knucklehead (4 total versions, two with the painted hood and two with the grey hood.) If there are any suggestions on things to fix such as props or such, please let me know as I will be happy to take them into consideration. If there are any other indies you would like to see that I have not attempted already also feel free to let me know. Due to this post being insanely huge this will be my only post on this project until I get Jekyll and Hyde and Scarlet Bandit done. I hope you guys appreciate this WIP pack!
  22. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Here are the two projects I've been working on the past few days. A ton of thanks to @Chazzymp for providing me with his awesome paints for these trucks. Here are Nitro Menace and Jailbird as of now. If anything is a tad off please let me know and I will try to fix it ASAP. Currently the Jailbird body sits on Nitro Menace's PEI but Kaylyn's own chassis is going to be built soon and I will redo the rims since they are still too light grey. Other than that, suggestions are appreciated.
  23. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    May I ask why it is called Casey's EXTREME Monster Truck Tour if it includes some of the most simple racing styles out there? Not trying to hate on it as your tracks are some of the best out there. Just asking.
  24. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    So, I've been working on this truck for so long and I have remade it almost countless times. I think this is it's 4th or 5th version so I'm either going to release it now or wait till people ask me to. Here's the new Double Trouble 2018 Repli-Custom. More pics to be added soon. Thanks to Taylor Andes for doing the Double Trouble and Mirror Image logos. It will include four versions two that have the black beadlocked rims for a close replica with 3rd Gens or 2nd Gens (2nd Gens for people like me with not so great computers) and also a custom version with the green beadlocked rims plus custom flags. If enough people show that they want it released I will try to release it tonight.
  25. ChaoticMayhem

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    May I mention that this truck was already made by a more professional content maker. I know it might not work for your version but I fixed it and with permission will re release.