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  1. Stimson i i'm Gonna Tell You Right These Have To Be The Best You've Done Ever It Looks So Accurate And Your're Awesome As Well As All The Creators
  2. Gojifan 1994

    King Pin

    I'm Going To Be In The Youth League At The Bowling Alley In Georgia I Decided That I Need To Stay With My Family Instead Of Cali So To All My Homeboys In Georgia I'm Back
  3. Gojifan 1994

    Black Widow

    I sure hope it does come to .37 one day
  4. I'll Be Somewhere in Georgia Alabama South Carolina Tennessee Or California When Ever I Get The Chance To Go There But I've Been To All Those States And My First Show Was In 2014 At The World Finals My Latest Show Was Orlando I Plan On Going Back To Las Vegas To Watch World Finals 19
  5. Ask Edy I Believe He Made A Scooby Doo Truck
  6. No I'm saying take his time that way there won't be any mistakes when it does be released
  7. I think you should take your time get everything right but don't make everybody wait too long but i'm Ok with waiting but i'm not sure about everybody else but all i'm saying is take your time
  8. He Normally Drives Grave Digger 29
  9. Amazing Chazzymp These Are A Masterpiece To Be Driven
  10. 1. Sum 41 2. Skillet 3. Ac/Dc 4. Thousand foot krutch 5. Disturbed 6. Young guns 7. Three days grace 8. Motorhead 9. Black sabbath 10. Simple Plan
  11. Thank you for giving me the advice I know you have plenty of work to do in the shop and good luck in the rest of your season
  12. Ok hopefully you can fulfill your dreams i also want to be a driver as well but tell me what does it take and how much money it's my last question then ill let you get back to work
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