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  1. Monster Patrol 2018

    You are wrong, my Monster Patrol is a custom body that i accidentally made while working on the Avenger 2017 pack, its far from being a replica of any truck even tho the idea was inspired by many mp trucks.
  2. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Remember the S10 Monster Patrol body i did about 1 year ago? I finally found it again and turned it into a thing, its not the best looking since it was one of my first "blender" projects and one of my first custom paints from scratch. There are still some issues like lining up the driveshaft, 4 links, limiting straps and steering wheel, getting the merlin on it, fix police lights, update some props and some more boring stuff.
  3. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

  4. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Nothing crazy on here, you are very safe who tf needs to block some seats for safety.
  5. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    So after seeing a couple of muddy shows in youtube, i got an idea seeing the mud or smoke that was coming out of the headers in the trucks. Didn't think that it would work but it did. based of sud in miami 2012, amount of smoke will be slightly reduced. dont mind the non transparent lexan or the merlin without specs...
  6. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Yeah the rims you see are a quick attempt at it but if you want to, you can take care of the rims while i fix the other things.
  7. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    The first 3 weeks or so, of work on this one. Having fun on this and its actually coming along better than i thought, there is still plenty of issues to fix. Thinking on uploading it in the second semester of this year.
  8. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Chile dates are 30th of november and 1st of december, getting ready for my 3rd consecutive trip to Monster Jam hell yeah.
  9. Bucking Bronco

    Had it in my list since i saw it at world finals, i'm crazy. Don't even know why.
  10. Grave Digger 5 Replicustom

    Very good for being another digger.
  11. Carolina Crusher II Retro

    You automatically get it by downloading DiggerFan's ST Louis 1999.
  12. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    This pair of things with wheels are pending approval.
  13. Carolina Crusher II Retro



    Something i put together quickly back in december, haven't touched it since then. Matthew Tyrell won the WRA world finals 3 racing championship on this truck too. Credits: Me Taurus Racer 13 Fern Burn Kozak RockCrwlr SM community. Enjoy!
  14. Whiplash RoR STS



    This is one of my favourite projects, had fun making and remaking it. Originally i went for the replica but after a few things came up i just went for the repli-custom, still it looks similar to the real truck. This will be the truck that i'll drive for RoRSTS. Credits: Me ChazzyMP Kozak FernBurn Andrew Sm Community Special thanks to the RoR Discord Server people that helped me to get headlights working. Enjoy!