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  1. Anaheim 2017 Experimental Fun Run! 2/17/18

    Marcelo M Swegliner #0179 Bigfoot winter classic
  2. What Would You Say Is The Most Unique Truck?

    Identity Theft, its obvious because it didnt copy any other truck specially grave digger
  3. Question About After-Show at Monster Jam

    A lie or not, who cares lets move on from this unless you want to keep some weird drama on.
  4. Question About After-Show at Monster Jam

    Monster Jam is evolving as much as other sports are doing, as i said in another thread in the 90s there was not vans/rvs, just straight car stacks then they brang more cars and vehicles and the dirt started to come, more and more. I know you are trying to defend your side but for me that is not the way thou.
  5. Question About After-Show at Monster Jam

    About the "intermissions" there is no point when the track is still good, nothing is crushed down but in some arena shows with crush cars (Chile for example) there was a motorcycle intermission which was great, but the stadium dirt tracks dont get affected much by the trucks.
  6. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Morgan are you f#cking kidding me Edit: holy sh$t todd That counted for the score, red lights came in about a second later he landed it,
  7. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Oh no, i was doing it ik hood doesnt match rest of the body color
  8. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    eh, closer angle i didnt see your post (chilean internet problems¯\_ツ_/¯)
  9. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Well, holy poo this season
  10. STS Pre-Season Event #1: 2/9/18 (Sign-ups Closed)

    Marcelo Mendoza Bigfoot Trophy Truck Swegliner #0179
  11. Yellow and Blue Crush Car pack

    If you want those crush cars, download diggerfan's tracks that come with them, the one with those crush cars you mean its from st louis 99
  12. Uploading and Blender

    press choose files, i think that you dont know you have to do that and start adding links, same with screenshots
  13. World Finals 13

    if you have .4, get the .4 compatible versiono
  14. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Tried body modeling, i guess it came out decent.
  15. Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Some penda fun.