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  1. Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Some penda fun.
  2. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Too much 80's? First exports of the truck so far, still a lot left to do but i'm proud on how its coming along so far. too blurry m8?
  3. Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Sign - ups

    Name: Marcelo Mendoza Discord: Swegliner#0179 80's truck: Bigfoot #1 (link tba) 90's truck: Bigfoot 1998 (link tba aswell)
  4. Syracuse 2017 Sat 1/13 3pmest!!!!

    Marcelo Mendoza War Machine Swegliner#0179
  5. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    WRA wf truck if i qualify in rip. I didnt had any design in mind but when i was layed in bed around 2 am some days ago this concept/design came to my head.
  6. Are They a Virus?

    Its nothing special, just close that ad window and press again the download button, its nothing dangerous, dont worry.
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    One last thing to show before 2017 ends, back in febraury when i repainted those trophy truck bigfoots i really wanted to make this truck but i didnt know how to use blender, now that i know how to, of course ill give it a shot. just like the others, not an specific replica.
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Nothing of this could happened if it werent for one truck and one guy, right? Some pieces are placeholders for now, far from done, i want to nail this. For now its just a side-project that ill work on while time passes. I'm planning on making all the versions of this truck. First weeks of work on it so far.
  9. St Louis 2005

    i gotchu, Update coming soon making those trucks and the trees non-collidable. A fix to the blue racing line that is too close to the green fs ramp so you dont hit the pole a lot aswell.
  10. Sim Monsters Annual "What Did You Get?" Thread

    - I got tickets for MJ earlier this month - Brand new phone - Some clothes - Lot of food (most is chocolate) - Master of Puppets Remastered deluxe box
  11. Bigfoot Repli-Custom Pack part 2 (90's and early 2000's)

    yeah, it was one of the many wcw trucks. Others were dungeons of doom or hollywood hogan, you can look in internet and find out that is true
  12. St Louis 2005

    Version 2


    First Monster Jam show i've ever seen in TV, good memories tho. Credits: Me Diggerfan Maxdman RockCrwlr Sm Community Merry Christmas!
  13. Version


    A project that started as a simple revamp of Tom P's bigfoot & firestone wilderness pack into a 8 truck pack, took about 2-3 months mostly because i was redoing the bodies over and over again so yeah, enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Credits: Me Leggster Blaise SM community (more trucks might be added to this file in new year or 2018 so keep an eye out),
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Its Christmas time again and you know what that means, like last year, its a big pack but not digger this time, wanted to go back in time and do some replicustom bigfoots from the 90's and early 2000's. (99' long jump bigfoot paint credit to @leggster First show that ive ever seen in TV, i had a flu and since my dads knew i liked cars a lot they putted speed in tv for like 3 hours and we were all watching what was in there, monster jam came in and i was blown away on how big and fast the trucks were so thats when my passion started. Nostalgia in here Little detail Should be up soon edit: st louis has been pending approval all day, can someone approve it please?
  15. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    Love the detail