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  1. Time to Bring The Noise

    Thanks bud! I'll do that now.
  2. Time to Bring The Noise

    Hi, I'm Damyon (aka TheEnragedPigmentation) and I'm finally gonna be able to be in this damn community. Sim-monsters has been on my mind for a good while now, since iRacing, MLB The Show, and ROBLOX especially is getting a bit iffy. I'm a good ol' 16 year old brawler out of Beantown who loves NASCAR and Monster Jam (Worcester and Foxborough), hoping for a great life and to get respect in various aspects of online gaming. I've had Rigs of Rods before really doing anything else, but got boring quickly, mainly because I didn't really know the controls on how to run w/ a monster truck. But now, I'm planning to figure the controls as well as being more active by running any Sim-Monsters tour that's available. I'm hoping I get full respect of eveyone who's in this community, not holding back on what they have to say either. Like my pops always says, "Time to Bring the Noise."
  3. Fun Run @ St. Louis, Missouri - 4/8/16

    Me damyonfenton13@gmail.com
  4. SMRA Season 3 Sign Ups!

    Hey Outlawed my name is Damyon Fenton. I posted my sign up on time but my website just kept refreshing and i would keep having to make my post over and over and it kept deleting my post. Here is my signup for proof: Real Name: Damyon J.K. Fenton Hometown: Boston, MA Tour Preference: Truck Name: Crash Course Make/Model: 1970 Ford F250 Tow Truck Team Name: Rouge Motors Headquarters: Dallas, TX Team Captain: Jeremiah Price Budget: $30,000 Members: Colt Durham Touring Partners/Groups: Colt Durham, Jeremiah Price I have been waiting to do this league for a while and would kill to be in. I understand I am five minutes late but if there is anyway can you please allow me in.