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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Hey, Thats Pretty Revving...
  2. Monster Mutt Dalmatian 2017

    Boi i when i was 13 years old i was making ror trucks and not repainting them. im js you need to get better at this stuff. dont post repaints because thats a type of begginer work.
  3. What kind of freestyler are you?

    This thread turned into a roast session inbetween RoR drivers lmao. But after i got a controller aswell i started a new flow of Freestyles, i go big air, at least 2 saves, backflip, keep the momentum going, keep the flow of the run, and try to get some wow factor in there. I use to be an unrealistic love but i got better and I guess im like Scott Buetow/Linsey Weenk(when they dont love up) Kind of Guy. Not much of a racer but big freestyler.
  4. Ror 0.37.126

    I have no problems at all with my 0.37 It works fine and all trucks and tracks work. I have both 0.39 and 0.37 installed. But i would say get 0.39 it works a bit better
  5. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Stadium Wise: The RedZone logo goes on that Blank Wall and theres 2 More Seat levels (Suite Section and High Seat Section) Those are really easy to make on Blender and the trons each are different scale so dont use the same trons. Also there should be one opening about the size of a Monster truck on both Sides of the bottom of the Red Zone (Right and left) And the barricades and turn cars will have to be pushed out further up (like what nks said) Blender building wise tips i can message
  6. Glendale Arizona 2017 show 1

  7. Glendale Arizona 2017 show 1

    Did u seriously steal my pictures of the track i built on Roblox ? xD Thx for asking for my persmission.
  8. [TRUCK] McGruff 2017

    I requested one and actually got my request accepted. Now someones actually "making one" Unless he quit which i honestly dont care
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    I need sum beef patties
  10. Hooked Pick Up 2017 Fixed

    Be patient and stop requesting Mcgruff of the trucks posted by ppl u know. It'll come one day just be patient.
  11. Hot Wheels Firestorm World Finals 18

    Nice truck but the painting on it.... no...
  12. Syracuse 2016 FIXED .37

    rapegod Thank you so much for this track i was getting mad i couldnt play this
  13. zombie 2017

    Im pretty suren someone else already made this a few months ago
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    Add those new Mohawk Warrior rims to it.